Blood Of Olympus Rick Riordan

Brooke Harkins #10/ block 2


Percy Jackson- He is an 18 year old boy that has a good sense of humor and is a son of the Greek sea god Posidon. Percy has shaggy brown hair and is average hight. He is great with his magic celestial broze sword, Riptide. He can also control and breathe under water and talk to horses. Dating: Annabeth Chase (named after Greek demigod Percius)

Annabeth Chase- She is an 18 year old girl that is extremely smart and a daughter of the war/wisdom goddess Athena (Roman form: Minerva). Annabeth has long blonde hair and pale grey eyes. She is an amazing fighter with a dagger. She is also extremely smart and amazing with archetecture. Dating: Percy Jackson

Leo Valdez- He is a 15-16 year old boy that has an extremely quirky sense of humor and a son of the blacksmith god Hephestus. Leo has more of a Hispanic skin tone and curly brown hair. He is extremely handy and a wiz with mechanics. He also owns a magic tool belt that is infinete deep and if you ask for it, anything came come out also he built himself a broze robot dragon named Festus.


The setting changes for the perpective of each character but the settings are the underworld, Camp Half- Blood, Camp Jupiter, Pueto Rico, Greece, Italy and Long Island. This book is supposed to take place in modern times, but it uses a lot of ancient Gods Goddess', and settings. All of these places (and a few more) have many effects on the charcacters and their emotions. Some places are where the group find a much needed ingredient to be able to stop Gaea, such as Asclepius' Lair. While some bring back difficult memories, such as Puerto Rico for Reyna.


It was kind of difficult for me to figure out what the theme of this book was. I had to go through the book several times to figure it out and what I came up with was this: teamwork/family. Because in all the major events in this book, every character (except the antagonists) were fighting together to protect their family. They have all fought so much together that they have become family to eachother, they have become closer than ever. And to be brought together as family, they had to work together with teamwork.


The Athen Parthenos, a huge statue that was used to unite the Greeks and Romans, the Greek half and the Roman half of the gods. The Athena Parthenos is a huge bronze and stone statue of the Greek goddess Athena. The statue has a small Nike ( the victory goddes) in her hand and a shield in the other. The statue is near 40 feet tall. The statue represents unity because getting it to Camp Half-Blood from the other side of the world was able to bring together Greeks and Romans to stop Gaea and save the world from destruction.

Book Recommendation

I really enjoyed this book because it easily combines Greek and Roman Mythology with modern times. Also you learn a lot about the Greek and Roman cultures without being like a lecture. Rick Riordan puts in adventure in this book and that's what makes it so good. Actually this is the last of 10 books, these books are so well written that the characters feel like family. When the group got separated i cried, when they were reunited I was happy along with them, when I figured out the prophecy I was overly excited. To be honest, I fell in love with the characters and even though it was a happy ending, when the book ended, I cried, for four hours. This series was the best that I have ever read. I will read it over and over again until I'm so old I memorized every single word!
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