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Newsletter #9

Important Safety Reminders from Truedell's Safe School Committee

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Mabel's Labels

Please consider supporting Truedell by ordering from Mabel's labels. Click on Support a Fundraiser when you visit the webpage and enter Truedell. 20% of the proceeds are donated back to the school.
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Scholastic Book Fair

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What's Happening in Mme Vines' French Classes

In French class (dans la classe de français), the Manie Musicale competition (concours de Manie Musicale) has increased student’s exposure to 16 francophone songs (chansons) from around the world (autour du monde). The final vote, with students from 40 countries (pays) participating, took place on April 1st.

We often start (commence) French class with a question (une question). One of our questions this week, being the first week of spring (printemps), was…

Qu’est ce que tu aimes faire au printemps? (What do you like to do in the spring?) To answer this question, students were to start by saying “Au printemps, j’aime...”

Some options to answer were as follows:

  • Sauter dans les flaques (jumping in the puddles)

  • Rester à l'intérieure (to stay inside)

  • Faire du vélo (ride a bike)

  • Observer les oiseaux (birdwatching)

  • Planter un jardin (to plant a garden)

  • Voler un cerf-volant (to fly a kite)

  • Aller randonée (to go hiking)

  • Jouer un sport (to play a sport)

  • Jouer dehors avec mes amis (to play outside with my friends)

  • Laver une voiture (to wash a car)

Par exemple, “Au printemps, j’aime sauter dans les flaques, planter un jardin et jouer dehors avec mes amis.”

So (alors), qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire au printemps?

Joyeux printemps!!

Earth Hour

On Friday, March 24th, classrooms turned off the lights and turned off technology to help save energy. The graph below shows the impact of this initiative. Way to go, T-Wolves!
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In Case You Missed It...April Events

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Upcoming Parent Council Meeting

The next Parent Council meeting is on Monday, April 17th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Resource Centre. Please contact the school if you need babysitting or for a virtual link to the meeting. Please let the school know by noon on Friday if you need childcare. We hope to see you there!
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Kindergarten Registration 2023-2024

Welcome to Kindergarten! This is an exciting time for both you and your student.

Kindergarten offers a wonderful new world of learning and growing. We learn how to read and write and make new friends. At Truedell Public School, our Kindergarten program helps children get the best possible start in school. Your student will be challenged and encouraged to do their very best.

We are now accepting new student registrations for this September 2023. If your student is four or five by the end of December, now is the time to register.

The Kindergarten program allows children to develop emotionally, socially and physically, to grow creatively, and to engage in rich oral language opportunities and celebrate their learning. In Kindergarten classrooms, a teacher and an early childhood educator work together as a team. This partnership helps to create a nurturing learning environment, giving every student the opportunity to learn in the way that is best suited to their individual strengths and needs. Our caring team of educators is with them every step of the way!

We typically welcome new families to orientation events in June of each year. We will share more about these opportunities soon.

We want everyone to see themselves in Limestone. You can feel confident your student will be cared for in a safe and inclusive environment.

Starting Kindergarten is an exciting time for everyone, and we are ready to welcome your student to a wonderful new world of learning and growing.

Thank you for choosing Truedell Public School.

We look forward to meeting you!