The Dream Team

2/1/16 Weekly Memo 25

Science & Technology Night ROCKED!! Thank you for RISING TOGETHER to make this night a success!!

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This Week Our HERO focus is to identify those scholars who are demonstrating....

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Updated Bell Schedule

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Table of Contents

  1. Week at a glance
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Cultural & Instructional Focus Areas
  4. Good Things
  5. Duty Schedule
  6. Message from the Coach
  7. Strategic Priorities

Week at a Glance

Monday,February 1st: B Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Lesson Plans due on Blackboard

February 1st- Annotated CA #3 due to Mrs. Parks by 4pm.

Brown Out

Tuesday,February 2nd: A Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Wednesday, February 3rd: B Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Professional Development

3:05pm in the library and then break out to 142 and 353

Break Out sessions: (Instructional) Brown & Range and (Cultural) S. Wright & Iwule

Thursday, February 4th: A Day

Professional Dress

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Friday, February 5th: B Day

Jeans and a College/Hampton Shirt

Arrive by 7:20 am

Morning Meeting 7:25 am

Lesson Plan revisions due on blackboard

Miles Out

Gardner Out PM

Coming Soon...

  • February 1st- Annotated CA #3 due to Mrs. Parks by 4pm.
  • February 8th-10th- Gardner Out
  • February 11th- Winter Dance 6pm-9pm

No time off will be approved for the 11th

  • **February 12th- No School (unless we have bad weather prior to this date)
  • February 15th- President’s Day, No School
  • February 16th- Progress Reports Go Home
  • February 17th- STAAR Test Training (Mandatory for Everyone)
  • February 18th- Math & PE Night 6pm-8pm- Parents Come out and enjoy the evening!
  • February 22nd - CA #3 Begins
  • February 25th- Black History Celebration- Celebrating Black History and African American culture in the United States.

Instructional & Cultural Focus Area

Aggressive Monitoring:

We have to be lasered focused on what our scholars are working on specifically during the first 10 minutes of class; as this sets the ton for the rest of the class period. Expect scholars to meet your expectations and reward them when they do (positive affirmations, tickets, & merits)

STAR Behavior:

As we come back after a 2 week break scholars are going to be relaxed. Hold them to our standard and require them to exhibit STAR behavior consistently.






This Film Shaped Everyone Matters: GRATITUDE by Louie Schwartzberg

Good Things!

Mrs. Parks says...

Shout out to Ms. Golledge for holding down the fort while I was out completing interviews! You are my right hand gal!! :)

Shout out to Ms. Fluker & StuCo for organizing the Candygrams.

Shout out to the Science and Tech Teams for collaborating and kicking off an amazing Science & Tech Night!

Shout out to Ms. Pietroboni for stepping up and leading the Math team meeting and for taking the time to observe Mr. Wright's class! Way to Lead!

Shout out to Mr. Wright for opening your classroom to your colleague & for your scholar growth on the MAP!! Way to GROW!!

Shout out to Ms. Pietroboni, Ms. Wright, Ms. Smart, Ms. Mack, Ms. Gracia, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Shepherd for showing support at the Science and Tech night!!

Shout out to the 6th grade team for demonstrating our core value of RISE Together by helping with the Science and Tech night!

Ms. Golledge says...

Shout out to Ms. Wallace, Ms. Navarrete, Ms. Gracia, Ms. Smart and Mr. Luna for sharing at our assembly.

Shout out to Mr. Houston and Mr. Wilson for helping it the assembly run smoothly.

Shout out to the amazing ELA and Humanities for meeting almost everyday and putting scholars first.

Last but not least thank you to EVERYONE who has covered classes this week and will continue to.

Mr. Gardner says…

Shout out to the math team (Alysha, Isabella, Seth) for working their butts off to get all the lesson plans completed for intervention and get all the groups together. Y’all exemplify what it means to do whatever it takes to change lives.

Shout to Ms. Thomas for an AMAZING Science and Technology night. Beast.

Shout out to Ms. Wallace for always having a smile and a peaceful countenance. You’re always so positive and willing to pitch in and it makes a huge difference in the hallways.

Shout out to Mr. Luna for being completely dedicated to our mission. You are always everywhere, working hard, holding kids to high standards.

Duty Schedule

Morning Duty- See details in the body of the email

Lunch Duty-

  • 6th Grade Lunch- 6th Grade Lead, Specials Team Lead and Administration

  • 7th & 8th Grade Lunch- 7th and 8th Grade Team Leads and Administration

Lunch Duty- Teachers must arrive to pick up your class from the cafeteria at 11:39am (10:39am on Wed) for 6th grade and 12:23am (11:22am on Wed) for 7th & 8th grade teachers.

After School Duty- See details in the body of the email

A Message from the Coach

Dearest Dream Team-

The past couple of weeks I have been in deep reflection about where we are as a school, and this is what I've come to realize:

1. Our scholars will meet us exactly where we expect them to meet us.

  • So, that means that our expectations must always be high!

2. What we spend our time thinking about will manifest itself in some way.

  • So, what you think about most will come to fruition- so think posivitely daily!
3. If we don't push our scholars & ourselves, no one will.
  • So we have an OBLIGATION to do what is necessary to motivate children as well as ourselves to succeed.

Now while thinking of these things, I've also recognized that everyone doesn't have the same desire, or motivation; nor does everyone have the same level of intrinsic motivation to push through tough times- but one thing that I know for sure is that we should ALL be here for children- so let's buckle down and get to work!

Step outside of your comfort zone and move scholars forward! It is for our scholars first and then us!

The Dream will Fight,


Strategic Priorities

Professional Capacity

Goal: We will build upon the knowledge & skills of all staff members

Parent, School, & Community Ties

Goal: We will engage ALL stakeholders in the school’s culture.

School Learning Climate

Goal: We will create a safe and orderly environment that promotes the sense of urgency required to climb the ladder of academic and behavioral excellence.