Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark with their expedition

The Birth and Death of Sacagwea

  • Sacagawea was born in Idaho in 1788
  • Sacagawea dies in south Dakota at age 34 in 1812

Sacagweas's Childhood and Family

  • Sacagawea's father was a leader of a tribe of Shoshone Indians
  • Sacagawea was captured by the enemies of the Shoshone tribe
  • Sacagawea was forced to marry a French trapper named Taussaint Chorbonneau
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Sacagawea's Education

  • Sacagawea had no formal education
  • Sacagwea knew the land and lead the trip
  • Sacagwea knew what they could find and eat
  • Clark offerd to pay for Sacagawea;s first son "poppy' to get an education

Sacagawea's Contribution To The Expedition

  • Saved important documents from a sinking ship
  • Showed tribes along the expedition that the group meant peace
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Interesting Facts about sacagawe

  • Her father was a leader of a Shoshone tribe
  • before the expedition she gave birth to a baby boy who was 55 days old who was expedition started
  • During the tribe she found her older brother who was now a leader of a shoshone tribe and got horses
  • Usually the indians walked on trips but Sacagawea's "husband' walked and Sacagawea rode horseback
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Sacagawea's Accomplishments

  • Sacagawea saved important papers when a ship sank
  • During the trip Lewis & Clark named a river after her
  • She successfully lead the trip and got close with Lewis & Clark
  • When she dies they buried her and named the cemetery after her
  • Sacagawea was such a asset they honored her by putting her face on a coins