Login Tips and LRP

For your doTERRA Wholesale Account


Welcome to our oil family! Here are some directions on how to access your wholesale account and more information on the Loyalty Rewards Program. I wanted to make something you can reference as needed. Of course calls, texts and emails are always welcome too if you have any questions!

To login to your account go to:


Your login ID is your doTERRA ID number, which doTERRA should have emailed to you (in addition to your password) when you placed your order. If you can't find this information just ask me as I can get it to you quickly.

Once logged in, you will see a pop up window that shows two options - 1. Create a 1x standard order or 2. Create a LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) order.

Here are the differences between the two options:

1. Standard Order

Get wholesale prices and get 1/2 of your shipping cost back in points to go towards free products. To use this option simply click on "create a 1x standard order" and add things to your cart. When ready click "checkout."

If you have not saved your credit card details, you will need to do so once you're in your cart (remember to hit "save" to save the credit card and again to select it as the one you would like to use). Look through the shipping options - Australia Regular post (3-7 days), Australia Express Post (2-5 business days).

2. Loyalty Rewards Program Order

Ordering this way will save you the most money! And who doesn't love free stuff! You get your wholesale discount AND you are also eligible to get a percentage back in points towards free product (starts at 10% and can increase to 30% back!), eligible for the free product of the month, and you get ALL your shipping back in points (ie $9.95 shipping cost = 10 rewards points each order!). All you do is commit to buying at least one item per month. If you are wanting to utilise your oils or buy vitamins then you will most likely need something each month. Getting the shipping back alone is a great perk!

You can opt in or out at any time with no penalty, you can change the date your order ships out, and edit your order before the ship date as many times as you want. It's a very flexible program!

If not set up yet, click on the "Set Up Loyalty Rewards Order." Then select the date you want the product(s) you choose to be shipped during the month. Then add item(s) to your cart and click Save. You must always have at least one item saved in your cart.

If already set up, click on "Edit LRP Order." From there you can add/delete items from your cart. Once you have clicked on it to edit you can also go into the "Shop" tab and add things to your order that way, or search them in the "Item Search" or "Quick add to cart" functions in your cart.


There is a PV (product volume) set for all items and your LRP points are based on your PV, not the total you spent. Here are some tips to remember:

* All promos like Product of the Month (which is the free product when you spend 125PV on LRP by the 15th of the month, product changes each month), and the quarterly 200PV promos are based on PV so keep that in mind when ordering, you will see your PV total next to your $ total.

* Every 3 months you place an order for 50PV or more your percentage goes up by 5% more back until you hit 30%, these three months do not have to be consecutive.

* Your shipping points and LRP points earned will show up on the 15th of the month the following month (LRP points show up after being enrolled for 60 days).

*You do not have to wait for your order to process on the date you selected, if you need it sooner, just hit "Process Now" and that order will count for your monthly LRP order (they will not send it twice).

* 1 point = 1 PV and for every 100 points redeemed there is a processing fee of $3, I always try to save up my points and use 100 at a time, believe me they add up fast!

* Free items like the product of the month is based upon what PV you spend, so using points does not count towards getting you free products.

* To earn commissions, your LRP must be set/ process at 100PV. Ask me if you want to learn how to get your oils paid for and make good money!


On your homepage, click "DASHBOARD" tab in the upper left hand corner. Once there you will see a box on the left hand side. It shows how many points you have accumulated and what percentage back you are currently at. It also shows your LRP order and you can click on it here as well to edit it.

When in your cart you can choose to use points on items, if they are available for that item it will state at the top "Use Points?" and then there will be a drop down menu to select how many of that item you would like to use points for. It then shows your totals at the bottom- points used on that order, PV you are currently spending and total $ amount for that order. On the right hand side you will see the totals with tax and shipping.

You can edit your credit card info, shipping address, email and the date you would like your LRP order shipped all at the top of your cart. Just remember to hit "Save" when you're done!

If you have ANY questions about this, or oils in general, please do not hesitate to ask! Call, text or email! Also our facebook groups I have added you to are great resources of info and great for asking questions!


www.au.aromatools.com - Aromatherapy tools and resources

www.doterrauniversity.com - doTERRA University


- doTERRA Blog - How to Use Essential Oils - The Essential Oil How To Blog (great cleaning recipes!)


* Modern Essentials

* Modern Essentials App (very useful!)

* The Essential Life

* SpOIL Your Pet (Mia K. Frezzo and Jan C. Jermias)

* Pregnancy, Birth and Babies (Stephanie Fritz)

* Emotions and Essential Oils 3rd Edition

Many of these books have ideas on how to use your oils as well as a guide to look up specific problems and find oil protocols.

Know anyone interested in doTERRA's essential oils or products? Are you curious how to earn an income with doTERRA or simply pay for your oils? The income opportunities are LIMITLESS with doTERRA! Please feel free to ask me for more information and refer others to me!