Monterey Aquarium

Fun Fun With Fisheys

fun fun with sharks and other sea creatures

The fish you are gong to see are going to be very amazing and very interesting to learn about. You should real look forward to it. Its really cool please don't miss it.

First the bus

Before you go to the aquarium you have to ride a bus to the aquarium its really fun you get to play games ,watch movies,chat with friends and more.Once you get there it will be one fun time. P.S,I don't think you will do a project
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First Stop

Casa De Fruta was our first stop you could get whatever you want to get unless you have money like fruits, candy ,Ice cream, and more.

Some Suggestions

Some suggestions I have when you get there is go to the mirror maze look it up on Google. Another thing I want you to check out is some of the exhibits for example the jelly fish and other creatures. I hope you come and visit them.