"The Bald Eagle and Hawk"

Fable: written by Camden Dayton

Moral- what ever you put in the world comes back whether if it is good or bad

On a breezy night their was a bald eagle he is roaming around U.S while a hawk came up to him said "what are you doing this my territory, I own this land than many birds like your type". "I would like you like you to come to my feast in the Rockies". While the bald eagle was eating his meat the hawk bit his neck and said" this meal was never meant for you, so get out of here". So the bald eagle left with anger and confidence that he would get that hawk back on revenge. So the bald eagle went back to his camp that night and cooked a good meal as fish. So he invited the hawk get revenge and bit him too on the neck and said, "now were even said the bald eagle.