MSA Hurricane Policy 2018/19

School Procedures

Important Information for MSA Community

We hope that everyone has had a successful start to the new school year. As this is hurricane season and with Tropical Storm Florence making its way across the Atlantic, we are ensuring our parents know the school's procedures in the event of a school closure.

As always, we take the advice of the EMO and in consultation with our Board of Governor's Chair, Mr. Paul Fortuna and other private schools when making any decision regarding school closure.

  • If the school will need to close during an operational day, parents will be notified via email using the MSA Short Notes email address, radio stations and the school's website. All students will need to be collected by the given time and there will be no After School Program or extra-curricular activities.
  • If weather conditions are so severe that the school cannot open, parents will be notified via radio stations, emails sent to parents via the MSA Short Notes email address and the school's website.
  • Once it is determined that the weather has improved, the school is safe and secure to conduct classes, and the electricity has been restored, a notification will be sent to parents, radio stations and posted on the school's website.

It is our hope that Tropical Storm Florence will pass to our South, but we will keep in communication with parents should the situation change.