Treat People Equally

Nicole Narber

Why is "Treat People Equally" My Theme

Because it shouldn't matter what people look like or how they talk or how they act they should all be treated equally.


I would say the climax of my story is definitely school because has and is a major part of my life.


The characters in my life are Hannah ( she is my friend) and my Mom (shes my mom) and the part they play in my life by not even giving me the choice to treat people differently because thats rude and disrespectful
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The Setting of my life is in North America because all of my plot events just happened in so many different places It hard to narrow things down

What would happen to the story if my setting wasn't in North America

Because I couldn't really narrow my setting down to the united states or something because one event happened in Mexico and if my theme where in China or something my plot events wouldn't really make sense.

Plot Event #1

My mom Did babysitting when I was little and that is kinda how I learned to treat people equally because I couldn't go around to the little kids and calling them names or judging them by how they looked or talked

Plot Event #2

My second plot event is school and school is important in this because when i am at school you have to treat EVERYONE with respect and if I went around calling people names or judging them by their color or how they act. That would just be extremely rude so I have learned over the years to treat everyone equally.

Plot Event #3

My third plot event is going to other places such as vacation. For example when I go to mexico I can't walk around to other people and start calling them Mexican because its just rude also I think have of it is kinda common sense to know to treat people equally
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