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Your Digital Footprint

Your Digital Footprint is what your leave behind when you spend time online. When you search, click, like, purchase, post and share, you leave a footprint, a digital one. Once something is posted, it’s permanent. The things we post today can affect us later – for good and for bad. This doesn’t have to frighten us; with thoughtful actions, a digital footprint can be something positive for us and our students.

What are those actions? Here are a some: think before you post, check your privacy settings on your social media sites, delete inactive accounts, un-tag yourself from photos that don’t promote you positively.

What do you want that footprint to look like?

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What Does Your Digital Footprint Say?


Self-Image, Identity and Social Media

What is our identity online? What identity do our students create online? As you spend time reflecting on your digital footprint, you might be considering your social media presence. When social media is discussed, it’s often in terms of it’s negative effect on people, especially students. Not denying that there are negative sides to social media, it is important to acknowledge that teens also experience positive effects. One Common Sense Media survey reports that many teenagers experience a positive effect from their social media circles. A Pew research study reports that more than 52% of say they’ve had experiences that made them feel good about themselves. There are also numerous stories of students harnessing the power of social media to promote positive activities.

Social media is not going away. We can’t pretend to hide our students from something that they are surrounded with when they leave our doors. Instead, let’s educate our students and embrace, encourage and promote its positive uses. Check out some of the stories and possibilities linked here!

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