Voyager Voice

AM- 9/30/16

Snapshot of the Week:

This week we continued learning about community buildings found in Northbrook. We learned about the Police Station and the Fire Station. During our opening and closing meetings we learned about the materials and tools found in each building, what activities occur, and what jobs people have in both buildings. Northbrook police officers and fire fighters came to our classroom to talk about their jobs! The police officers let the children try on their uniforms and the fire fighters brought their fire truck and showed them all of their equipment.

We added two new investigation sites this week! We added the police station and the fire station! The children enjoyed exploring with all of the new materials and acting like real police officers and fire fighters!

Important Dates:

October 3rd- No School

October 12- No School

October 19th- Picture Day Retakes

October 19/20- Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 21- No School

Snack Schedule:

Please just bring enough snack for 1-2 days. We still have left over snack to use. Thank you!

Oct 3- Will Hagen

Mystery Explorer

Jacob's mom was our Mystery Explorer this week!!

Next week: Will Hagen (Friday, October 7th)

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Caring Community:

The students have been enjoying their community visitors, but I tried to squeeze in a very important lesson that seems to be necessary now that the students have adjusted to their daily routine. We read a book called Share and Take Turns by Cheri Meiners and then did an activity taking turns. We took turns with a partner coloring in a picture together. In the PM classes, we had to wait until the other person was finished coloring their section before we had a turn, or we shared the piece of paper and colored different areas. In the AM classes we had to take turns playing with play-doh and play-doh tools. Please practice taking turns at home! Ask your child to “wait” and ask if they will share something with you-such as an item, a story or other information!

-Ms. Gurwin


We had so much fun in music class this week! Mrs. Blaire taught us the Weather Song and we explored with musical shakers! She also sang the story, Orange Pear Apple Bear by: Emily Gravett. We also sang the Five Little Pumpkin song and the children got to act out the story!
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Fourth Grade Reading Buddies!

Today we had our first buddy experience with Ms. Rowland's 4th grade class! Each student buddied up with a 4th grader and the 4th grader read to them! They had so much fun!

Upcoming Themes:

Next week we will extend our knowledge about community buildings and learn about maps! We will learn how to look at a map and identify landmarks. We learn what a key is and how to use it. We will also practice using maps to locate destinations in and around our school!

At home:

If you have any maps at home you can show them to your child.

You can create a map of your house with your child and add a key!

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