Dewey Middle School Update

Information on Distance Learning, 6th grade Chromebooks

Information for Families

Dear DMS Families,

We have entered an unprecedented time in the world of public education. Per the State Board of Education's action on Wednesday, we will be conducting the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year through distance learning, and will not meet in person. This distance learning will begin for students on Monday, April 6.

This presents challenges and opportunities for our school and community, and we are working with our teachers to implement learning plans that work for students and families. These learning plans are guided by the Distance Learning Frameworks designed by the State Department of Education.

One important item to recognize is that these learning plans, assignments, activities will look much different than what is expected of students in a traditional school setting. Also, prior to the original closure we had completed a large majority of new instruction, as many classrooms would have begun reviewing for state testing upon return from Spring Break.

These learning plans will be delivered predominantly in an online format (through Chromebook, computer, cell phone) although adjustments can be made for those with limited internet connectivity. We do recognize that there are families with limited internet connectivity. If that is the case please email/call/text me directly and we can work on a solution. My contact information is listed below.

Click here for a list of companies providing free or reduced cost internet connectivity

Student Responsibilities/Grading Process

Students will need to check their school Gmail and Google Classroom accounts on a daily basis for assignment/activity updates. These assignments will be submitted back to teachers through Google Classroom (or programs such as Khan Academy). The State Department has said that graded assignments during this time period can have NO NEGATIVE IMPACT on the student's grade they had before spring break. So all grades that are entered will be done to improve student scores. They have also recommended 3 hours per day of school activities (30 minutes per subject), and that will serve as our guide in planning lessons. For more Distance Learning information (and tips for families) please click the link below.

Distance Learning Resources

Communication with Teachers

Starting on April 6, teachers will be available to assist students/families with distance learning Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am-2:00 pm. We are encouraging all students/families to communicate with teachers primarily via email. Teacher class phones will also be open for calls during this time period. I have posted a link to a Google Sheet with teacher email addresses and phone numbers below. Calls to class phones will be redirected to teachers working from home. Teachers will also have a 1 hour time frame each day where they are available live via Google Hangouts Meet to meet with students virtually and provide assistance. The schedule of their hours is also in the sheet linked below.

DMS Teacher Hours and Contact Information


If your 6th grade student already has a device to access the internet, their Google Classroom, and school Gmail account, and a Chromebook is not needed, then there is no reason to check one out.

The checkout process will be on Wednesday, April 1 from 10:00-11:30 and 1:00-2:00. Please line up your vehicles starting at the football entrance gate (in parking lot behind Middle School) and back toward Bulldogger Rd. We will come to your window, take student's name, then bring you the device, case, and paperwork. Nothing needs to be signed, we already have the Chromebooks checked out in our system to each student.

During these hours we will not have the building open to the public, however Mr. Massey will be available Monday-Wednesday from 10-2 in order to allow students to gather belongings that were left in the building, starting on April 6.

For important updates, we will notify you in the following ways:

Dewey Schools Facebook Page

Dewey Schools Twitter Account

Remind App (if you aren't currently receiving these texts, see below for instructions)

Dewey Schools Website (

Email/messages to students from teachers via their school Gmail account and Google Classroom

We are here to serve and partner with you! We miss seeing our students, their families, and providing an in-person educational experience. We look forward to a return to normalcy, and our prayers are with you and your families.

Please call, text, or email me anytime with questions or concerns.

Brent Massey


Dewey Middle School

918-534-2241 ext 3001 (office)

918-633-6674 (cell)


1. If you are not receiving text messages from Mr. Massey via the Remind App, go to the following link.

2. Click "Join a class"

3. Enter the class code for your student's grade level.

6th Grade: 42chb7h

7th Grade: 3497de7

8th Grade: 77e8ek3

Educational Resources for Home

Links to resources gathered by DMS staff for assistance during distance learning.

CDC Guidelines on Coronavirus Prevention

This site is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Just click the button and it will take you to the website.