Fostoria Elementary School

May 2022

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Dear FES Families!

We have finally reached the marvellous month of May! April brought us some exciting events! We recognized Autism Acceptance Month! Fostoria City School District advocates and encourages respectful ways of thinking, as demonstrated through Leader In Me Initiatives. Our sixth habit, synergize, reminds us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that differences are respected and valued! This habit also reminds students and staff to build on strengths. Inclusive classrooms in our school allow students who learn and think differently to experience, interact and have opportunities in a variety of ways, allowing them to discover their full potential. Together, we improve the quality of learning by valuing each other and our differences! Nurse Maddie helped us recognize neurodiversity, the idea that people experience and interact with the world around them in different ways, and designed t-shirts with Mr. Mat Sworcak. We wear the "We are Redmen, we are neurodiverse" t-shirts in support!

Preschool students from GLCAP came to our "Kindergarten Here I Come" event on April 5! It was a wonderful evening to introduce these students to FES! Thank you Mrs. Bernal and Ms. Wadsworth!

Kindergarten Screening was Friday, April 29th! It was a wonderful day, and we want to thank all of our volunteers that helped. The Rotary, Kiwanis, and POET gave monetary donations, making it possible for each new kindergarten student to receive a book and a t-shirt! Teachers and paras who helped with the academic screening, Cindy Taylor from OSU extension had a table of goodies, offering up healthy hints, the library, the Health Department offered immunizations, Hearing and Vision Screenings, Dr. Tom Guernsey and one of his hygienists, Melanie Dawson offered dental screenings, and gave students a bag of goodies, all made this one stop shop day a success! What a wonderful opportunity to get our young learners off and ready for the new school year! If you missed the event, stay tuned for another opportunity.

There were several music events, and more to come! Please check th ecalendar! Hope to see you all there! Thanks for being such leaders in our school and in our community!

Monday, May 2nd kicks off our One Book, One School Event! This program was designed to create a reading community within the school, allowing teachers, parents, students, and community to have conversations about what they are reading. The One School, One Book event will run for three weeks. During those three weeks, there will be multiple chances for students to win prizes. Some of these opportunities will be through daily trivia questions on the morning announcements and chances throughout the day to answer additional questions. If the students are staying on track with the reading schedule they should not have difficulty answering the questions.

There will be a Google Site link on our district website. The Google Site will have the reading schedule, recordings of some of our students reading the chapters (for students who don't have someone to read to them at home), and links for additional literacy ideas.

The culminating event will be the District-Wide Title Night, Thursday, May 19. There will be activities related to the book, food, and Kona Ice. There will be fun activities located at the JHSH, and for our 6th grade students, there will be activities taking place to begin to navigate what their year will look like as a junior high student! Stay tuned for more information about this exciting event!

Summer school invites went out Friday, April 29 to students! Forms are due back May 6th so that we may start to create lists and prepare bussing routes. See the attached form to fill out and return to FES Office, or use the QR code to complete form online!Some students will be required to attend, based on testing and attendance, and those students will be notified directly if they have not already signed up. Availability for students not required to attend will be on a first come basis.

We'd also like to thank our PLT! They have been so supportive this year! Recently, they donated shirts for our PTC and RB choirs to wear for their performances! How blessed are we?!?! They are also paying for an upcoming assembly with the exotic zoo, a two-day interactive experience for our students! Thanks, also, for supporting our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week this week! They have provided a taco bar for teachers Monday, and have opened the coffee bar up all week with the help of our student leaders!

Thank you PLT and FES leaders! Elections for PLT will be in June, and anyone interested in running can message the PLT Facebook page. Thanks again, PLT-You're the best!

As always, we welcome you to call if you have any questions or need support!


Mrs. Bernal, Mr. Mansfield & Mrs. Utz

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  • 2 Parent Lighthouse Team FES 3:45
  • 2 Pep Tribe Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Perform for Fire & Police and Mayor @ Fostoria Police Station1-2
  • 3 Mrs. Fought's Class visit the Seneca County Humane Society in Tiffin, Ohio 11:30-2
  • 4 Pep Tribe Choir Outside Performance Good Shepard Home1-2 pm (Rain date 5/18)
  • 4 Ms. Wilkin's Class visits Seneca County Humane Society, Tiffin Ohio 11:30-2
  • 5 Pep Tribe Choir Grades 3,4 LEgacy Hall 6 pm
  • 5 Ms. Reed's Class visits Seneca County Humane Society, Tiffin Ohio 11:30-2
  • 10 Mrs. Costello, Mrs, Lewis, Mrs. Linhart's class enjoy Mr. Kramer's African Safari. at FES9:20, 11:45, 1:00
  • 11 Pep Tribe Choir Grades 1,2 during lunch Promo Performance
  • 11 Mrs. Jennison, Mrs. Click and Miss Collins Field trip to Imagination Station 9-2:30
  • 12 Pep Tribe Choir Grades 3,4 During lunch Promo Performance
  • 12 Mrs. Costello, Mrs. Linhart, Mrs. Lewis visit Fostoria Learning Center 12:15 - 2:30
  • 13 Pep Tribe Choir Grades 5,6 During lunch Promo Performance
  • 16 Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Miller to Owens 9:15-2
  • 16 Pep Tribe Choir Grade 5,6 Women's Club Lunch performance 12:10-1:45
  • 17 Mrs. Click, Miss Collins, Mrs. Jennison enjoy Mr. Kramer's African Safari at FES
  • 18 Mrs. Donelson, Mrs. Hardie, Mrs. Vaughn's class to Mazza Museum Findlay 9:20-1:30
  • 18 Mrs. Joseph, Mrs.Schermer's class Imagination Station Toledo 9am-2pm
  • 19 Mrs. Satyanathan, Mrs. Steinmetz's to Mazza Museum Findlay 9:20-1:30
  • 19 Mrs. Linhart's Class Kaubisch LIbrary Fostoria 12:15 - 2:00
  • 19 Bowling Testing Reward Seneca Lanes Fostoria 11:45-2:15
  • 19 Buckingham/Racheter Imagination Station Toledo 9-2
  • 20 2nd Grade Toledo Zoo Field Trip 8:50-2
  • 20 Mrs. Helberg, Mr. Whipple visit Mazza Museum in Findlay 9:20-1:30
  • 23 Kindergarten Program at PAC 6:00
  • 23 Mrs. Lewis's Class Kaubisch LIbrary Fostoria 12:15 - 2:00
  • 23 Movie Testing Reward...Cinemark Tiffin 10:30-2:30
  • 24 Mrs. Costello's Class to Kaubisch Library Fostoria. 12:15 - 2:00
  • 24 Exotic Zoo Assembly. Gym. 9-3 (50 minute slots)
  • 25 FIELD DAY
  • 26 Exotic Zoo Assembly. Gym. 9-3 (50 minute slots)
  • 26 Preschool Graduation pending location. 11:30am - 12:30pm
  • 27 Last Day of School for Students
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Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is the framework that we use to build and maintain a student-centered culture of acceptance and respect. We teach and encourage positive behaviors at Fostoria Elementary School! Teamwork among school staff members with the common goal of a safe and enriching learning environment sets expectations for every area of the school. Students are able to earn PBIS Points for demonstrating the expectations and can then use these points at our School Store.

Amazing things spotted around FES!

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Redmen Spotlight!

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PBIS Champion of the Month

Congratulations to....

The winning class that had the most PBIS points for April is Mrs. Racheter's class! The points earned are points from all staff members that gave this class points, not just the homeroom teachers. Congratulations! Points start over, and a new winner will be selected for the month of May!

Golden Spatula Awards

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Congratulations to the following classes that earned the most Golden Spatula Awards in April!

Mrs. Gaunt

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Menkin

Mrs. Angeles

Mrs. Jennison

These classes have followed Redmen Routines in the Cafeteria! They have been proactive by washing hands/sanitizing before eating, thinking win-win using Level 1 Voices, following directions of lunch staff, and using table manners! They continue to Begin With the End In Mind by using their time wisely to eat, putting trash where it belongs, and leaving their space clean! They have synergized by walking to their seats, lines and garbage appropriately, remained seated, and asked for permission before leaving their area.

They have each earned an extra 15 minutes of recess, covered by the principals!

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Students in Action…

The students will be selling Smencils, Snickers (smelly stickers) and air dough for $1.00 each during the week of May 9-13th. A flyer will be coming home the first week of May! Thank you for supporting our students!

From Small Beginnings Comes Great Things in Mrs. Helberg's Class !

Mrs. Helberg's class had the opportunity to get chicks from the OSU Extension in Tiffin. 11 hatched !

Second GradeTeachers Celebrate Spring!

May flowers...and some dirt!

Miss Marsh, Mrs. Davoli, and Mrs. Kieffer’s second grade classes enjoy making and eating dirt pudding for one of their Spring Theme Days!!

Ms. Collin's Fifth Grade Leaders join Mrs. Hasselbach's Preschool Leaders for Big-Little Leaders Activity

Mrs. Ward's Class of Leaders Teams up with Little Leaders in Mr. Whipple's and Mrs. Hardie's Kindergarten Classes

Kindergarten Screening

Dr. Guernsey and hygienist Melanie Dawson do a dental screening on a new kindergartener!

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Mr. Pessell's Class

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Upcoming Music Events:

May 2......Pep tribe choir grades 1,2,3,4

May 4..... Pep Tribe Choir Grades 5, 6 Outside Performance @ Good Shepard Home 1-2 pm

(Rain date 5/18)

May 5......Pep Tribe Choir Grades 3, 4 Legacy Hall 6 pm

May 11....PTC Grades 1, 2 During Lunch Promo Performance

May 12....PTC Grades 3,4 During Lunch Promo Performance

May 12....Elementary Band Concert with the JH Band Concert, 7pm at the Wainwright PAC in the "Old" building

May 13....PTC Grades 5,6 During Lunch Promo Performance

May 16....Pep Tribe Choir 5/6 Women's Club Lunch performance 12:10-1:45


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Haley Edwards & Zoey Jones

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4th Grade Weaving Exhibit

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5th Grade Hot Air Balloon Sculptures

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6th Grade Exhibit-Southwest Clay Pots with Sculpted Plants

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Thea Cooper

Desmond McConaha

Hudson Hayter

Jazmin Denson - Jimenez

Braxton Thompson

Addison Hossler

Mason Manley

Jaiden Craddolph-Settles

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