Boston Tea Party

By: Zeke H

Patriot/Loyalist/Declaration of Independence

I am a Patriot. I am a colonist who strongly disagrees with Great Britain's actions. Our view on this whole situation is that the British are wrong and our colonies should not have to pay taxes on the British tea. We are frustrated on having to pay taxes and had decided to throw the tea overboard on three different British ships while disguised as Indians. We did not kill or hurt anybody, we were only after the tea. This helped us make our point against Britain that we will do anything to not have to pay taxes on tea.

As a loyalist I have moved to the colonies, but I am still loyal to Britain. These Patriots are crazy. They are throwing our tea overboard! This is costing us lots of money. We will try to stop these Patriots from costing us even more money, even if it means we have to hurt them. Hopefully this will teach them not to mess with us.

The Declaration of Independence is important to the people in the colonies because it declares the peoples rights and these rights cannot be taken away from them. This was also important because it fought against a government that might take away their normal rights. It was important because it helped create bonds between the colonies and other foreign countries because it showed a fair way to help solve these kinds of problems. The most important thing was that it declared their liberty and freedom.

Reporter: How do you think of this "Boston Tea Party"?

Random Guy: I believe that it was a smart and not smart idea at the same time.

Reporter: Why do you think this?

Random Guy: Well, it is smart because the Patriots are proving their point that they are willing to do anything to not have to pay taxes, but on the flip side they got fined a lot of money for all the tea they dumped. I think Britain needed this money for weapons, food, etc.

Reporter: Thank you for your time and thank you for sharing your reasons.

Random Guy: Your welcome.