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MAY, 2016

Action Research and Reading Olympics and Wall of Honor! OH MY!

There are a few things that have kept my calendar full in the past few months and they will all be coming to a close by the end of May. Side note - I find it hard to believe it is MAY. OF 2016!

Good ol' Action Research concluded last month. I really value the idea of reflection and believe AR gives us the opportunity to look closely at effective instruction and student learning. It is my hope that the mode and process will not change going forward, at least for a bit of time. I would like us all to be familiar with the expectations of AR going into the new year. The PLC groups with which I was a part were tied directly to AR, so group participants were able to touch upon this process monthly, which I feel was beneficial. Scroll down to see a sneak peak of the PLCs which I plan on facilitating for next year!

Reading Olympics begins on Monday, May 2 and concludes Wednesday, May 4. This competition is run by the DCIU and celebrates a love for reading. This year, we are hosting schools from all over Delaware County. I'd like to thank those who, in advance, volunteered to help out! Look for an update on our Teams' progress come June!

And, the month concludes with the Wall of Honor Project. Rob King and Dave Wood's American Studies' classes have been researching Radnor High School Students who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. This wall will be unveiled on May 26th. More to come on this amazing project next month as well!
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The past few years, I've had the pleasure of helping to facilitate PLCs. Next year, I plan on running the following:

Contact me if you'd like to know more about these groups!


It may be a "Shakespeare Summer" for my girls!

May Book Club Book

Our last book of the year is All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. Join us for lunch on May 12th to discuss!

April Recap!

Students got to interact with Len Vlahos, author of Scar Boys, over lunch in April, via Skype. He was extremely gracious with his time and super excited to converse with students about his inspiration, his writing process, and his music! Students were inspired by Vlahos' message, asking insightful questions. We can't wait until the next author chat!
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About Me

Hi! I am your Instructional Coach, focusing in the Humanities. As an Instructional Coach, I wear many hats. I can gather resources, visit classrooms, conduct book study groups, co-plan or demonstrate lessons, co-teach, assist with technology and the list goes on. If you need something that was not covered above, are still confused as to what I do, or want to borrow a hat, please contact me. I am looking forward to a great year!