Kirstie Maldonado

By:Sarah Triolo

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Member of the Pentatonix. She learned to sing A cappella while touring with Theatre Arlington for eight years. Born in Fort Worth, Texas. She performed in a lot of Stage productions.


"Before she joined the Pentatonix she was a National Hispanic Scholar and studies Music Theater at the University of Oklahoma. Before that, she was a member of the Texas All State Choir for three years." She also had voice lessons when she was eight.



  • She is a singer with the band Pentatonix
  • She does A Capella
  • The albums they made were "That's Christmas to me, PTX volume 1,2 and 3, PTXmas, Pentatonix.

When she started getting into the performing arts.

She stared getting into the performance arts field is when she went to collage for Music Theater. It also started when she started singing with the Pentatonix.

Her role model

She thinks that Sara Bareilles is a inspirational song writer. She's thinks she is a great role model of "staying true to yourself and not caring about conforming to anything".


She got a Grammy Award for Best Arrangement Instrumental Or A Capella with the Pentatonix.

Interesting Fact

  • She was friends with Mitch and Scott (from the Pentatonix since they were young)

Inspirational quote

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life."

-Kirstie Maldonado

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