Oh' The Places You'll Go

Zitzman 411: Monday Nov. 6th - Nov. 10th

What's Happening This Week:

***No Counseling Lessons this week. Mrs. Flexsenhar will be working with small groups and individual counseling groups.

Monday: D Day. Book Fair.

Tuesday: A Day. Book Fair. Grandparent's Day 1-3. Half Day Schedule

Wednesday: B Day. Grandparent's Day 1-3. Half Day Schedule

Thursday: C Day. Staff Meeting 7:30-8:00. Grandparent's Day 1-3. Half Day Schedule

Friday: D Day. Classrooms observe Veteran's Day.

PLC Topic/Agenda

No formal meetings this week due to half day schedules.

I challenge you...

Feel free to print this out - or - add it to your accountability check during PLC's to see how many you can check off for this November Challenge!

If the November challenge is not for you maybe this one is more your style!!! :)



Lighthouse Recap: From last week's meeting we wanted to focus in on some take-aways:

You will be receiving an email from your Action Teams 'Leader'. Remember these teams are not RUN by these leaders - it is a team effort...not meant to take on more work but to align what we already do and communicate it more efficiently = SYNERGIZING!

Grandparents Day Support:

Help your students practice their song for Grandparents Day!

Student Resource:

This is an idea/resource I came across and I am probably jumping the gun on this because it most likely already fits in with an action team. BUT if you are interested this is a student centered LIM Habits checklist that students can work towards to 'master' a specific habit. Feel free to use this in just your classroom or as a grade level or just for specific students to earn POSITIVE Dojo points :) The resource is yours=enjoy!
P.S. Even when you think you are stretched beyond your limits, you have the power within you to stretch just a little more.