My School Year 2014- 2015

My Adventure

A year of change

Until this year, I was used to having only one class at school. But, when I arrived to Carmel Valley Middle School, I was in for a big surprise. First of all, I was astounded at how many kids where at the school and how many kids were in each class. Although, school and learning was a big change for me this year, I also changed and started enjoying other hobbies. For example, with so many new students in each class, I made many more friends this year. I also started to focus more on hockey and becoming more competitive in the sport. Another big change for me this year was getting a dog. At first I thought it would not be a very hard task, but after a few weeks I was exhausted and had taken up much more time than I expected training, treating, and feeding her. But, it is all worth it for the small moments I enjoy with my dog.

My Amazing Dog

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I found my self often spending hours a day practicing hockey in my backyard learning tips and tricks from this website

The School That Changed my Life

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In Conclusion

I think that this year has been a blast and I have enjoyed all the changes in my life this year. Although, I was very nervous about going to school and was worried I wouldn't have any friends or I would be teased. But, none of that happened and I am very happy that I decided to go to Carmel Valley middle school.