Drugs, The Destructive Path

Drugs, What They Are

A drug is a chemical that affects how your body works in either a good or bad way. Sometimes drugs are used for medical purposes. For example, people going through therapy, once in a blue moon, use marijuana prescribed by their physicans. On the other hand, drugs being used without a doctors approval, is both illegal and dangerous.


Stimulants are psychoactive drugs that speed up the organs in you body. They elevate your mood, increase your feeling of well-being, and energy and alertness. They also increase the chemicals in your brain, which in fact, speeds up your heart rate and blood pressure. Some stimulants are ecstasy,marijuana, "meth"(shown in picture), and steroids.


Depressants are the opposite of stimulants. Depressants slow down your body and everything including your brain activity. This slows down the rate your heart beats, which everybody knows can kill you. They usually come in pill or capsule form. The two main depressants are GHB, which causes you to go unconscious, and alcohol. GHB is odorless tasteless, and colorless as shown in the picture. You can never know when someone puts it in your drink.


Inhalants are chemicals that are inhaled. Inhalants can be household cleaners or even the smell of permanent markers can damage brain cells. It causes slurred speech, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, and loss of consciousness. On the other hand, when used for the intended purpose; it is not considered a drug.


Narcotics are drugs that give you sudden mood swings and behaviors. The plant that all narcotics come from is the papaverum somniferens(opium poppy). They have an immediate effect on the body. It also reduces pain and creates a state of well-being. They are highly addictive because they change the chemistry of the brain; they do not allow you to feel any pain occurring in your body. There are many possible effects that occur while being on narcotics.


Hallucinogens are very dangerous drugs. What they do, as you can see by the title, is they cause hallucinations. They cause you to hear, see, and think things are there when they are really just things in you imagination. Think of yourself having a nightmare. In that dream you are able to fly. Next thing you know, in the real world, you are taking those same actions that you are in your dream. As of course, you would die. How the drug works is it take over your brain completely which then takes over your body, and you have no sense of reality whatsoever. Some main hallucinogens are: PCD, LSD, and "shrooms".


Now of course medication is not an illegal drug. It is how you use it is what is illegal. Overdosing on medications can be very fatal. Also sharing your prescriptions can also be dangerous. Sometimes you may accidentally overdose because you don't read the label. They do have the label for a reason. OTC (over-the-counter) drugs are one of the main ways to get high.