4th Grade News

April 22nd - 26th


Math Test Unit 10 - Remember to take your test in Think Central!

April is Poetry Month - I have posted some poems created by our 4th graders in the news area in the courses for you to enjoy.

PSAP Meetings - Thank you parents for attending these important meetings!

4th Grade Poetry

Below are some poems created by students!

On Earth Day we recycle, on Valentine's Day

we love, whenever we are picking up

trash from the streets we always wear gloves

Written By - Dawn D.

A bird in a tree

The ground is too cold

The sky is too hot

The tree is perfect in the middle!

Written By - Nathanael A.


Spring, Spring

Spring's the thing

Babies are born

Time to plant corn

Spring, Spring

Spring's the thing

Time to clean

for things to bling

Spring, Spring

Spring's the thing

I love Spring don't you?

Oh, boy I love it too!

Spring, Spring

Spring's the thing

Written By - Alawna K.


I have to write a poem for school, but a topic I am without.

I have to have it by Friday, maybe I’ll try a different route.

My talents at poem writing, I’m beginning to doubt.

I’m pulling my hair and I want to shout!

My mind is blank, ideas need to sprout.

Here is my poem, you know what it’s about.

At least the words kind of rhyme with its title is BRAIN DROUGHT.

Written By - Destiny S.