Signs of Stroke

S.O.S is common distress signal . Use S.O.S as a guide to assist you in identifying stroke symptoms and when to seek care

•Severe headache

•Paralysis/ weakness or clumsiness

•Dizziness /poor coordination

•Mental confusion

•Slurred words

•Sensory changes (see, touch, taste and hear)

Who's At Risk ?

Answer : Anyone can have a stroke but there are certain RISK FACTORS that increase the risk. So lets see what they are :

High blood pressure

· Diabetes

· High blood pressure

· Coronary artery disease

· Smoking

· Race/Ethnicity (African Americans/minorities)

· Chronic Kidney Disease

S.O.S ! How Do You Decrease Your Risk ?

Answer: Remember a stroke can happen to anyone. We cannot change our ethnicity. What we can change and control are our lifstyle choices. Maintain a healthy active lifestyle and you can certainly decrease your chances. Lets take a look.

Here are eight ways to lower your risks today. Follow these signs and keep a stroke at bay.

    • 1 Lower blood pressure. ...
    • 2 Lose weight. ...
    • 3 Exercise more. ...
    • 4 Drink—in moderation. ...
    • 5 Take a baby aspirin. ...
    • 6 Treat atrial fibrillation. ...
    • 7 Treat diabetes. ...
    • 8 Quit smoking.

One last thought ......Awareness is key so discuss any questions and stay stroke free !!!