Queen Isabella I

By : Madison Rutledge

Isabella life growing up

Isabella was born April 22, 1451 in Madrigal De Las Altas Torres death November 26, 1504. She is often referred as " La Cato'lica ". a title given to her by the Spanish Pope. Her parents Dad John II the king and his second wife Portugal. Her dad later died and Henry III was the new King. Her brother King Henry III told he to marry Don Carlos but she decided not to and got threatened to go in the dungeon.

Facts aout Queen Isabella I

  • Isabella had lots of powerful supporters
  • Isabella grandson became The Holy Roman Empire Charles V.
  • Isabella reorganized the governmental system
  • Isabella Sponsored Christopher Columbus plain to sail east to west
  • Isabella expanded the army and navy in Spain in rule

Their Connection and their achievements to the modern world/today.

Queen Isabella III connection to the modern world to day is that the way she help the society. Isabella help make the army and navy better and today most of the time the army is making different rules and Isabella reorganized the government and today we have many different way of government to help us if we are in a problem