Comparing College Requirements

#1. Spreadsheet Software on Learning.com

To help learn basic understanding of spreadsheet software we will start with learning.com.

Follow the video instructions, each video will give a grade at the end.

*Take the Spreadsheet Quiz be sure to make at least a 70 on each assignment & Quiz

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#2. Interest Profiler- Texas Career Check

First take the interest profiler- save your number when done and you can edit - your answers/results.

#3. Create-Spreadsheet

In GoogleClassroom- find the assignment and open

--->click create-spreadsheet

*remember this will create, share, and name your file for you*

Set up Spreadsheet

Begin to format and create your spreadsheet so it is ready for you to fill in.

Use the checklist below to format spreadsheet

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#4. Choose 3 Colleges

  • Choose 3 colleges you are interested in attending, interested in learning more about, or are just curious about.
  • Fill in the spreadsheet with the name of schools and use the checklist below to help format

*Use the personality results to help with College Choices

*Can use colleges from your results

**You will be comparing these three colleges and filling in the information in your spreadsheet.**

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#5. Compare Colleges

Begin to look up college information

-ACT Score

-SAT Reading Score (use lowest number only)

-SAT Math Score (use lowest number only)

-minimum GPA needed

-cost of attendance (per semester)

-Size of School-class sizes (small/medium/large)

-Private or Public School

*if your school doesn't require tests (ACT/SAT) leave the box blank*

Helpful Research Links

  • You may google search, use the colleges website, or use the links below to help you with your research about each college.

#6. Add a Chart

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Turn in to GClassroom

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