Drug laws in Cycling

By: Tobias Piel


A drug is a chemical substance that changes the way that your body works. Some drugs are caffeine, Alcohol, Aspirin, nicotine. Once drugs are in your brain they can change the messages of the cells. Most people don’t know what it can do to you. For athletes this makes you have more power and you can go on for a longer time than usual. The most drug occurrence is in Cycling. They use it because they want to be the best. Some Cyclist says that they didn't know what they did. The cyclist say that the doctor told them to take medicine which wasn't really medicine it was doping to get better. That it is better for blood circulation. In this course I want to learn more about why cyclist takes the drugs and why they blame it on their doctor. One famous drug conflict is with Lance Armstrong. He won 7 Tour de France. Now he said that he used drugs to win all his titles.Everyone uses drugs these days to get better and to win. There is no sport where people don’t take drugs.


Fifa (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is a well-known organization. Fifa is for football and everyone knows that. Fifa has a clear vision. They want to keep football free of doping. It is Fifa’s responsibility to keep football free of doping. They test the players. They respect each player’s personal life and they only get tested on game days. In 2009 Fifa tested 32,526 players and only 0.21% where tested positive. Fifa obviously can’t control everybody but they did a good job because 0.21% equated to 68 samples which tested positive. The president of Fifa is Sepp Blatter. The chairman of WADA and Fifa’s medication chairman met and discussed what they had to do to quit drugs in sport. John Fahey, the WADA chairman said that WADA is very satisfied with the commitment of FIFA on the biological profiles, which will be run not only at the FIFA World Cup in 2014 but already at the FIFA Confederations Cup in June this year.

The Anti-doping organizations such as the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) and the U.S Anti-doping agency (USADA) are one of the most known anti-doping agency's These agencies have done a lot of work to fight doping in sports.They had top create a anti doping code to provide rules which the sports have to follow. In 2006, the rules got even stricter that every athlete needs to go through the same test to find out if they are using illegal drugs to get better.

Tour de France had a lot of trouble with doping. Almost every season at least one title winner gets tested positive. It is a very tough sport and I think it should be debated that they are allowed to use drugs because no normal person can last sprinting 500 km up and downhill. Lance Armstrong won 7 tours de France titles and now it comes out that he used drugs to push himself. "It is not an excuse to say that riders in the Tour de France have been seeking an edge ever since the race was founded 100 years ago.” Said by the WADA chairman John Fahey.


Tour of Oman is a different organization than tour de France but have the same doping rules. There are no statistics to show how many cyclists in Oman take drugs to become fitter. To get qualified you need to be in a proper team or even in a national team.

Bundesliga is a German football league and all the coaches say that there is no doping at all. They test their teams almost on every game day so there is no chance to take any drugs. Although the players still can cheat the statistics say that only 5 people out of 50 get tested Positive.


I am from Germany and I lived in Oman for 5 years now. I really enjoy watching football and also watching Tour of Oman is a big highlight. I think that in Tour de France you should be able to dope because no human can be 1st of a 500km track around the country. Yes they can get 1st but not in such a short time as people that dope.

My Dad thinks that there shouldn’t be doping allowed in Tour of Oman/France because then it would all be unfair because some people might take better drugs than others and then still be a different race than as everyone is the same and the only thing matters that how much you practice.


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