"Why Chemicals?" by Maximus Kane Benedict 3rd hour

What toxicologist are about

  • Toxicologist work with chemicals to see what chemicals harm humans and animals.
  • You work allot of hours in your lab
  • It can be dangerous, people die because they aren't doing the job right.
  • You would need a very strong background
  • Toxicologists also test bodily fluids

Pros and cons

  • pro would be safely working with chemicals, the company will give you the right tools so you can do your research safetly.
  • The salary would be $67.353 a year if you just started if you where they're for two years then they would give you $70.000 a year
  • pro would be the job is very hands on I think this is a pro because you get to move around a little bit more instead of sitting at a desk all day
  • con would be that the job could be dangerous if you don't do it the right way. Many people have died because they didn't do there job the right way.
  • con about being a toxicologist would be working long hours in the lab. For how much money they give you its not worth it
  • con about being a toxicologist would be slim chances of being promoted to different positions in the job. This means that you probably won't get a raise or a chance to move into diffrent positions in the job

What is needed to get this job

What you need to get this job is a masters degree but the lowest they would take is a bachelors degree in geology, mathematics, and technology. You will also have to to have a strong background.

College you can attend

One collage you could attend is the Medical college of Wisconsin. Of course it is a medical school but it also teaches classes about toxicology. People say this school is good but there is some cons about it like some people said this collage has weak leadership.

Job advertisements

Do you like to work with chemicals or just like hands on jobs. Well being a toxicologist might interest you. When being a toxicologist you get to work up close with chemicals. The reason we work with chemicals is to insure the safety of animals, plants and humans. You can make up to $70.000 a year. If you would like this job then you will have to have a batchlors degree. You could also have a masters degree. If you would be interested call 815 I love chemicals.