Orbiting Pluto

By Jenna Linder

Facts about Pluto

1.Did you know Pluto the planet has a mark that is shaped like Pluto the dog's face.

2.Pluto is no longer a planet, is now a dwarf planet.

3. Pluto is the farthest "planet" from the sun in are galaxie.

New horizens

The New horizens is taking 100s of pictures of Pluto so we can get a better look at Pluto.

So far we many detailed pictures of the little dwarf planet as we like to call Pluto.

The debate of Pluto

Many people wonder why isn't pluto a planet anymore.

See I don't know, I think Pluto deserves to be a planet, but the keplar belt that is located by Pluto have many dwarf planets that have the qualties to be a planets but there are so many of them that it would be hard to keep track. Oh wait I do know why Pluto isn't a planet, but I still think it derserves to be a planet.