Week 29 in 2D

Haikus, Homophones, Measurement, Stars, and Strings

Our Learning Journey...

Limericks were so much fun last week. Come in and check out our "line of limericks" written about St. Patrick's Day. This week, we will read and write haikus which have set guidelines like limericks, but allow for students to be creative and draw on their knowledge of adjectives. Homophones are pronounced the same, but have different meanings. We will focus on too, to, and two/there, their, and they're, and hour/our. Using these homophones in conversations at home and identifying them would be helpful! In math, we'll work with linear measurement, long distances, fractional units of length, and perimeter. In science we'll study stars and constellations...so cool!

Dates to Note

Spring Break March 25-29

Eco Action Meeting-March 21

Call or email with any questions about the second trimester report cards.