Mariachi Music

Cheyanne Twining

Type of Music

Mariachi music is a very popular music genre in Mexico, and in the Roman Catholic Mass. Even though Mariachi music is popular in Mexico, it is listened to in other Spanish countries and all over the world.

History of the Music

Mariachi music began when a Frenchman named Maximillian was emperor of Mexico. This was around the nineteenth century. Mariachi music is also an important part of weddings. Many Mexican families have a mariachi band at their weddings.

Charactristics of the Music

When Mariachi first originated, people related to it because it showed the joys and hardships of the Mexican people. Mariachi players wear matching outfits with sombreros and beaded jackets and pants. Mariachi performers play instruments such as the vihuela, violin, and the guitarron. The Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán is the oldest and the most commonly known Mariachi band. They were founded by Gaspar Vargas in the late 1890s.

Connection to Dance

When people dance to Mariachi music, they use the zapateado. This is a distinct dance from Spain. Many people also dance the jarbe. This is a combination of danza, sone, jota, and polka dancing. Another common dance originates from Mexico, which is the Mexican Hat Dance.
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