RHS EOY Check Out 2015

Final Check Out 6/4, 6/5

EOY Classroom Pack Up

It is imperative that the classrooms are packed up this year and that all books are stored in the TPAs. RHS will become a construction site as of 6/5/15 at 3PM. We will be using the B Bldg., RM 112, 113, 115, 117, 118, 119, and 120 for classroom, storage, administrative, and office space over the summer.

The LCDs in the classrooms need to be covered with a garbage bag (these will be provided in your boxes). There are a few classrooms on the second floor where they will need to be taken down.

Ms. Doohen will make sure that all classrooms are packed up appropriately and signed off.

Needs Assessment & Planning Days - Action required by 6/5

Please take the end of year professional development needs assessment. This will assist in the development of differentiated professional development in the upcoming year. When you have completed this survey, please see Vanessa Moon (Math, Science, Technical Subjects), Leslie Hibbs (Reading, English), Kristen Martanovic (Social Studies) or Alicia Leary (Student Services) to sign off your checkout sheet. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE NEEDS ASSESSMENT!

Summer Planning Days

Each PLC will have 6 hours in June for summer planning. Please see Cathy Tezber to sign the pay sheets for the planning time by June 5. If you have not designated a planning day, facilitators should email me ASAP.

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