Enligtenment period Clothing

Matthew Eckert and Beau Morris

Men fashion

Men wore variations of (habit à la française). This includes a coat, waistband, and breeches. Men wore items called (Laced jabots) around their necks. Waistbands were very extravagant. Men wore breeches that ended around their knees and from the knees down they wore white socks. The (cadogan style) which includes rolls of hair over the ear.

Women's fashion

(Panniers, or wide hoops worn under the skirt that extended sideways, became a staple.) Generally the dresses were tight around the waist and had a (plunging neckline). (Pagoda sleeves arose about halfway through the 18thcentury, which were tight from shoulder to elbow and ended with flared lace and ribbons.) The hair style for woman gradually became higher to symbolize (increased liberation).


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