republic of congo

culture of congo

The People <3

The population of Congo is 58.3 million. More than 48% of Congo's population is younger than 15 years old.

Congo has four different national Bantu languages- Lingala, Kikongo, Tshiluba, and Swahili. but most of the people in Congo speak their own ethnic language.

neat and clean is what the people of Congo wear when it comes to appearance, even those who live in poverty. women wear a long, tailored dress, called a Pagne or Liputa (in Lingala). children wear shorts and other loose clothing.

Life Styles #awesome

Usually large extended families live under the same roof or in a groug of closely joined homes. The mother's brother, rather than her husband, is the male with the greatest authority in the family. women care for the children and house hold.

soccer is the most popular sport. Even Urban girls are beggining to play it. Many Urban people spend leisure time socializing, dancing, or listening to music.

Congo's holidays include Hew Years day, Easter, Lador day, Independence day, Parents day, Veterans day and Christmas

customs and courtesies

greetings- In Urban areas, men and women generally shake hands, smile, and greet each other verbally. Also in Urban areas mbote (hello) is more common. it is followed sango nini? (whats new) among lingala speakers.

gestures- pointing directly at a person with the index finger is impolite. one beckons by waving all fingers. oblects are past with the right hand or all hands , if one right hand is soiled, one offers the wrist instead.