eLearning across Maths and Science

Hands on workshops for teachers and coordinators working with the ICT capability in the new Australian Curriculum NSW BOS Syllabus.

The purpose of the day is to:

  1. gain understanding of eLearning models and how they might be applied in Maths and Science

  2. begin designing classroom strategies to assist students developing the ICT capability

  3. collaborate with teachers from your and other schools across Maths and Science

Friday, Oct. 18th, 9am-4pm

7 Thomas St

Lewisham, NSW

Eileen O’Connor Centre

Street Parking Only

Morning Tea and Lunch provided

(Registration from 8.30am)

Target group:

  • 1 Maths Coordinator + 1 Maths Teacher

  • 1 Science Coordinator + 1 Science Teacher


  • 1 full day per subject (Release code TBA)