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Train In The Field Of Software Testing With A QA Online Training Program

A QA training program teaches you to test and deal with bugs that come in the way of development of products. The program teaches you the several types of manual, as well as automation tools for testing. The program is designed to give you knowledge on everything required to make you an industry ready software tester. The courses are designed by experienced working professionals to teach you the basics of software testing and advanced subjects like software management and configuration, test plan creation, test estimation and so on. The QA Online Training program gives you in-depth understanding of testing tools like QC and QTP.

Who is it for

The training program is designed to give you the opportunity learn the basics and advanced studies of software testing with a certification. For people already in the IT sector, this gives you a perfect opportunity to develop testing knowledge and pursue a prospective career in software testing even coming from a different background. This gives a perfect opportunity for college graduates to pursue a dream career. Even for professionals of the field, the QA Online Training is an opportunity to develop further skills and learn new advancements in the technology to work efficiently.

Benefits of the QA Online Training

The benefit of the training program is that is includes a unique list of subjects dealing with the traditional, as well as the modern testing methodologies to give you a clear knowhow of the techniques. QA Online Training program is completely interactive and provides you with assignments to let you apply the learning provided. It will give you the required testing expertise and develop your verbal and written communication skills through regular interactions. After training assistance in resume support and interview skill development support is also provided to make you job ready in this field.

About the training program

The training will offer in-depth concepts of manual and automatic testing tools, online OTP training, Load runner, quality center and selenium tools. QA is a very important process of any testing program and ensures total product quality. The program teaches you to track bugs in databases and to test web applications and documents through cloud test labs, latest course materials in testing trends with updated curriculum. The QA Online Training provides real time examples of scenarios through interactive learning and offers expertise on live projects, models, cases and defects related to testing. You will get softcopies and video materials for all the learning tools.

All those who are interested in joining QA training course from IT or non IT background can apply for the training program. All testing engineers, software developers and quality assurance professionals are eligible to learn the QA training program. The expert testing fraternity of teachers provides a structured testing curriculum with the online OA training program that prepares you for all the challenges in the quality assurance field.