Tech News Update

September 2015

In this issue...

  • TTTLs - How can we serve you?
  • Google Apps for Education Summit
  • Check this out!
  • Coming soon to LWES!

TTTLS - How can we serve you?

There are four teachers in the building available to help you with your technology needs. Beth Hansen, Rosemary Lathrop, Christel Winkey and me (Melissa Younce) are your technology leaders this year.

For GoTahoma support Christel and I will try to help.

For Skyward or Homeroom/Evaluations support you can also contact me.

We will meet as a team throughout the year to make sure we are meeting your technology needs. If there is a need or concern please help us to support you by letting us know that need.

Remember that Christine Thurston and Kimberly Allison are our district technology coaches and they are happy to help. They are often available to help during the day when the TTTLs are less available.

Google Apps for Education Summit

The Google Apps for Education Summit was hosted by the White River School district this weekend. There were a number of teachers from Tahoma that got to spend their time learning about ways to use Google tools in the classroom to help make learning powerful for students. If you are curious about what type of tools we learned about you can ask Jan Clemsen or I for more information about it. Here is a fun classroom quiz tool that you can use in whole class discussions or as a check for understanding. Let me know if you want to know more about it.

Check this out!

Did you know that last week Google added Voice Typing to Google Docs? That means students who struggle with typing (or just don’t like to) can “talk it out.” So can you!

I’ve played around with it and works like a charm! You could set up a corner of the room where kids go if they want some space to record, or encourage them to bring their microphone/headphones that came with their smartphone. Or, of course, they can do it at home. I’m curious to see what would happen if all kids tried to successfully voice type at the same time in a classroom. Can they use a 6-inch voice and not interfere with each other? Let me know.

Need a demonstration? Watch this 25-second training.

What to be among the first to know other cool new things like this? Check out the GoTahoma User Group Community in Google+

Coming soon to LWES!

A brighter projector and bigger screen have been purchased for use at our school. We will be able to use this for assemblies and other large group events. This purchase was made possible by YOU! Thank you for taking care of our devices so that we could make this purchase instead of replacing broken or stolen devices. Please continue to remind students to carry computers with the lids closed.