Anne Frank's Lasting Impact

By: Cameron Lowery


Anne Frank was a teenage girl author who had gone into hiding during the Holocaust, which had started January 30th 1933 - May 8th 1945. She wrote down her experiences throughout the Holocaust into her diary, also known as "The Diary of Anne Frank". Her original red and white plaid diary is now in the museum, but that book is only one of three that she had written and the others are in a hidden building that is now the Anne Frank House. Today in my presentation, you are going to learn about the lasting impact of Anne Frank and why she is so important and frequently talked about to this day.

The Importance of Anne Frank

A lot of people think that Anne Frank was a normal, ordinary Jewish girl, but she isn't. Anne Frank is so important because she was able to allow people that haven't gone through anything like the Holocaust, to be able to see what it would be like living through something like that. I think that not only is her message that she is sharing to teens/young adults important, but her legacy has such a big impact on people because of how much people can relate to the young girl. The teens in today's society can relate to Anne Frank whether it's about relationship problems with her family, or just feeling trapped inside and not being able to express themselves amongst other people. For example, in the play it states, "

Why is it important that teens and young adults relate to Anne Frank?

It is so important that Anne Frank and the readers of her diary relate because it creates a relationship between the readers and Anne. It allows the readers to understand and visualize what Anne had gone through throughout her lifetime, which is important to the readers because it helps them understand the diary even more than they possibly did before.

40 Years Later..

Anne Frank had originally wished that even after her death, she lived on and that's exactly what she got. Her diary had spread worldwide with eighteen million copies sold, and translated in many different languages. Overall, her story has a huge impact on teens becoming young adults and is a non-fictional story everyone could relate to whether it's family issues, surviving through tough situations, and many more. Anne Frank was a good representative for the Jews that were not able to stand up for themselves by writing in her diary, and she was a good positive human being and will be a representative we will never forget.