The Prosses of Photosynthesis

By :Raquel Funes 7th Period Miss.Norris

Photosythesis Equation

Co2 (Carbon Dioxide )

O2 ( Oxygen )

C6H12O6 ( Glucose )

Explanations of Compounds For Photoynthesis

The meanings of CO2,O2,and C6H12O6 is Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Glucose. These formulas help us understand the process of Photosynthesis.

The Meaning of Photosnyesis

Do you understand Photosynthesis ? Well I do so just kick back and read my passage. Through a plants life it needs to have all the materials it needs to stay alive. So through this process it needs Sunlight, Glucose , CO2 , O2 , C6H12O6 these things help the plant feed its self . And that is how a plant goes through Photosynthesis.