Mansfield Public Schools

April 11, 2019

District Newsletter

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Superintendent's Message

Good Afternoon,

In the spirit of continued transparency, I am following up on the message you received this past weekend. As reported, the Mansfield Police arrested an individual for Breaking & Entering into two Mansfield schools after the school day. This act highlighted a vulnerability which we take very seriously, and we have addressed it. We will be even more vigilant restricting access to sections of the building not in use during after-school hours and maintaining a higher level of door security. By working in tandem with the Mansfield Police Department, all school security protocols are constantly and consistently reviewed and revised.

Last fall, the town approved funding for additional security within the schools. and we are in the process of completing a $328,000 security package which includes:

  • Visitor management system

  • Exterior electronic door entry

  • Additional security cameras

  • Public Address system at Mansfield High School

  • Architectural plans for reconfiguring visitor vestibules

Additionally, we recently submitted an $80,000 grant proposal through the Commonwealth's Executive Office of Public Safety and Security for other security items.

As we move through the remainder of the school year, there are some very simple, yet vitally important things each of us can do to keep our schools safe:

  • Do not hold doors open for someone who has not been buzzed in by the office

  • Close doors completely

  • Do not prop open any door, even if it's more convenient to do so

Thank you for your continued support.


Teresa Murphy