Three cups of tea

By Greg Mortenson


In 1993,a guy named Greg Mortenson, who had tried to climb the mountain named k2,because in honor of his younger sister,but then when another member of his group got very sick,they backed down which had them turned around,and Greg mortenson became lost in the mountains of pakistan,the korakaram range.He wandered in a poor village where there was to live,where the people of the village and the village cheif who had took Greg mortenson in.Moved by their kindness,he promised to return a gift which was to build a school for the poor children in the village,over the next ten years,his life was going well and he had got used to it,and he started building more schools which was sixty schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.He has been through endured death threats,which was bad for him,then later there was kidnapping and more to dedicate his life to building literacy and peace,one child at a time,long live Greg mortenson.

Zain Ashfaq



K2= A mountain in pakistan in the karokaram range.

Endured=suffer or tolerate.

Village=a small like town where in the old days peasants and kings were.

karokaram= A mountain range in Pakistan,located near Himalayas.

Pakistan=A country located in Asia.