The Enrichment Act

By: Brianna B, Kahleen H, McKayli B, and RJ

Come Join Us Right Meow!!!!

On February 28th we will be holding a rally for more enrichment choices at Crouse Park. We are holding this rally to get donations for more enrichments and a better education.

The Rally of Enrichments

Saturday, Feb. 28th, 1pm

60 Cherry Street

Sparta, NC

Adenda for Rally

1:00 pm- Huge buffet at the park.

2:00 pm- Dylan O' Brien & Ariana Grande will be attending as our guest speakers.

3:00 pm- Teachers of these enrichment's will be attending to talk.

4:00 pm- music concert by Kalin & Myles!


During this time he will also be having music games and dance games for kids interesting in joining the arts, also their will be art tutorials for free. this festival will be on the basketball court.