Kelly Newsletter

March 2023

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Dear Kelly Families~

March has arrived and we are eagerly anticipating spring. Students and teachers have had many days of indoor recess and are looking forward to some time outside. We are all excited for our upcoming week of spring break from March 13th through March 17th . We hope you all enjoy this break!

March begins with conferences this Thursday, Friday and next Tuesday. Please refer to the

Sign-up Genius to ensure you have the correct day and time for the scheduled

conferences. We are looking forward to sharing the academic, social, and emotional growth

of your child(ren). While you are here for conferences make sure you stop in the library for

the Bookfair. Friday, March 10th the second trimester report cards will also be sent out

through email.

March will be filled with continued learning as our students work toward their individual

goals. Our 3rd , 4th and 5th graders will be participating in the North Dakota State

Assessments during March and April. These assessments focus on literacy, mathematics

and science.

Please review the information below for upcoming school events. If you have any

questions, please feel free to contact our school office @ 701-746-2265.


LuAnn Schmidt

Associate Principal


February 27th-March 7th-Book Fair

Thursday, March 2nd-P/T Conferences-4:00-7:00pm

Friday, March 3rd-11:20am Dismissal

Friday, March 3rd-P/T Conferences-Noon-4:00pm

Tuesday, March 7th-P/T Conferences-4:00-7:00pm

March 13th-17th-No School

Wednesday, March 29th-1:30 Dismissal

Friday, April 7th-No School

Monday, April 10th-No School


Friday, March 3rd school is dismissed at 11:20am. Please note this is 11:20am. Lunch will NOT be served. The bus will run only at 11:20am. There will be NO Encore.


Trimester 2 Report Cards will be emailed out to parent/guardians on Friday, March 10th. Please make sure the office has your correct email. If you do not receive your child's report card, check your spam/junk mail.


If your child is going to be late or absent from school, please inform the school office at 746-2265 before 8:30 am. Communication between home and school ensures student safety.

If your child arrives late for school please walk them directly into the office and sign them in.

If you are taking your child out of school early for any reason, come to the office to sign them out. Please let your child's teacher and the office know ahead of time if possible.


What is Stay in School?
There is a positive correlation between regular attendance and academic success. The Stay in School Program is a collaborative effort between school, family, and community, which supports students and families in meeting the expectations of school attendance. As part of the program, all attendance records are reviewed on a regular basis. School staff will work with parents throughout the tiers of the Stay in School Program.
Per North Dakota Century Code (15.1-20-01): Any person having responsibility for a child between the ages of seven and sixteen years shall ensure that the child is in attendance at a public school for the duration of each school year.
Please read through the information below to learn more about the process.

Attendance Counts

A good attendance record can mean much more than a handshake and a certificate presented at the end of the school year assembly. In the early years, it can be a predictor of student success for grade-level reading and a precursor for drop-out prevention. Yet an estimated one in five students in the United States misses a month of school per year. Missing three or more days per month can set students back one to two full years of learning behind their peers.

Measuring absenteeism can be difficult since there are varying ways to track attendance. Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10% or more of the academic year for any reason, including excused and unexcused absences.

Based on a 180-day school year, that means a student would miss about 18 days per year. If a student is absent due to a medical condition and a physician note is provided stating that the student is unable to attend school for a certain day or time frame, those days are not included in monitoring a student’s absence.

If a student is attending a school-related function, those days are not included in monitoring a student’s absence.

GFPS Attendance Policy

Grand Forks Public Schools believes that regular school attendance is the joint responsibility of the student and their parent(s)/guardians(s), and it is essential for student success in school.
The school system shall abide by compulsory attendance requirements in state law for students ages seven through sixteen. In order to comply with and enforce these requirements, the Grand Forks School Board establishes the following attendance policy:
Students shall be in attendance a minimum of 160 days per school year to be considered for grade promotion.
In order to ensure that a student has completed what has been determined to be sufficient for course work completion towards graduation, school work missed by the student during an absence shall be made up regardless of the reason for the absence.
Students in grades K-5 whose poor attendance has caused a notable deficiency in learning may be retained at their present grade level if such a course is advantageous to the student. This decision is made in accordance with the Retention Procedure.
Building administrators are granted the right to make exceptions to this minimum standard.

Why Monitor My Child?

Poor attendance is frequently the first sign that a student is on the road to school difficulty and possibly dropping out. Each day a student misses school results in gaps in their education, an education that is ever-more necessary for our constantly changing society.
The State of North Dakota recognizes the importance of education and has passed laws requiring all school-age children to attend school regularly. Your child has missed more school than is acceptable and the situation does not appear to be improving adequately as a result of school interventions.

The Stay in School Process

Tier 1: Prevention efforts focused on building positive school environments and improved school connectedness. Any student missing more than four days of school prior to the 40th day or 10% of school (not including medical absences).
Tier 2: Early identification and immediate intervention to re-engage students with poor attendance. Any student who has received the Tier 1 letter and is missing more than eight days prior to the 80th day or 10% of school (not including medical absences).
Tier 3: Intensive intervention with students and families appropriate for attendance issues that are severe or entrenched in practice. Any student who has received the Tier 2 letter and is missing more than 12 days or 10% of school after the 120th day.
Referral for Diversion Meeting if there continue to be no improvements with school attendance.

Compulsory Attendance Violation

North Dakota law defines what constitutes a compulsory attendance violation (student not in attendance according to ND law). Suspected violations of the compulsory attendance law shall be reported to the school administration and investigated in accordance with the law. When a compulsory attendance violation is substantiated, the District shall comply with law enforcement reporting requirements under the law.

Diversion Meeting

If after attempted interventions, contact or attempted contact with guardians, and following the Tier 3 Stay in School process, your child continues to experience poor attendance, you and your child will be required to attend a Stay in School Diversion Hearing. You will receive communication via email, letter, and phone call with the date, time, and location of the meeting. The Stay in School Community Attendance Team will be present at this meeting.

Community Attendance Team

The Community Attendance Team consists of representatives from Grand Forks Public Schools, Grand Forks County Social Services, Grand Forks States Attorney, Northeast Central Juvenile Court, Grand Forks Police Department, Lutheran Social Services, Northeast Human Service Center, and The Village. These agencies have committed their time and resources to assist students and their families in achieving regular school attendance. Regular school attendance leads to a more successful future for the young people in our community. This team meets quarterly.
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Student Absence: If your child is absent or late, please call the attendance line by 8:30am.

701-746-2269-attendance line

701-746-2265-school office

Telephone Calls: Calls do not ring into the classroom during school hours to minimize interruptions. Messages for students can be left on the teacher’s voicemail.

Peanut/Nut Free School: When sending a snack or packing a lunch, please remember to check labels to make sure it does not contain or have traces of peanuts/nuts.

Birthday Snacks: Due to the increase of students who have severe food allergies and the higher levels of severity, we no longer celebrate student birthdays with a “birthday snack” in our schools. Parents are welcome to find other non-food items to send to school if they wish. Please discuss with your child’s classroom teacher for ideas or preferences.


The first bell rings at 8:20 am. School begins at 8:25 am. Breakfast is offered 7:40-8:15 am. All students coming to breakfast must use door 16.

Dismissal: The safety of our students is a top priority for us at Kelly School. As per district policy, schools will have parents meet their child(ren) at a designated location outside the school at dismissal time.

• Teachers will bring their students to a location outside the school at their classroom’s assigned door. Students will meet their parent or person picking them up at a prearranged meeting place near the assigned dismissal door.

• Older siblings meet youngest sibling at youngest sibling’s assigned door.

• Bus/Daycare van students will walk through the school to Door #1 to board their bus or van.


We ask parents to pay for Chromebook cases, Device Protection and intramurals online through MySchoolBucks. This will help minimize the amount of cash/check deposits being handled throughout the day.

Create your free account today and never worry about having to send cash/checks to school with your student again. Visit or download the app today to get started.

How do I enroll?

  • Go to and click enroll now.
  • Create an account for yourself and your children. You will need to know your student’s district ID number, date of birth, school and grade.
  • Provide credit or debit card information.

Why should I sign up for this service?

  • You can view your child’s cafeteria purchases.
  • You can sign up for free e-mail notifications when the lunch account is low in funds.
  • You may prepay their lunch account without sending money to school.
  • My SchoolBucks will charge a $2.49 service fee when adding money to a lunch account.


Tips for Being a Good Listener.
As a parent/guardian, sometimes you may feel as though your child does not listen to you. It is important that you communicate your needs and feelings to your child in an effective way. A simple suggestion to improve communication between you and your child is to use “I” messages rather than “You” messages (which often create an oppositional situation). For example, instead of
saying, “You always leave your dirty dishes on the table. Can’t you pick up after yourself?” say, “When you leave your dishes on the table, I get frustrated because it makes extra work for me when I get home and I’m trying to make dinner.” Visit for more information.
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