Textile Mill

Mechanical devices have evolved!


  • Samuel Slater invented the textile mill
  • Samuel was known as the "Father of the American Industrial Revolution" and "The Father of the American System"
  • Also Richard Arkwright was somehwat known for inventing the textile mill because he was a rich man who put his way into anything and he was known to 'invent' the spinning frame
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Why and What?

  • Samuel Slater invented the Textile Mill because he was very interested in mechanical devices and he managed to learn how the spinning wheels of textiles worked.
  • Some of the events that led to the invention of the textile mill was household manufacturing and Samuel brought manufacturing textile from England.
  • No, the purpose has not chnaged the purpose of the invention was to process different things through the mhttp://www.asbestos.com/occupations/textile-mill-workers.phpachine.
  • The invention was used for manufacture textiles and types of cloth. They are produced and processed into finished products such as clothing, cotton, wool, and other natural fibers
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Where? Where is it used today?

  • The textile was invented in England is used in Brazil, Canada, China, Dubai, Great Britain, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Switzerland and more.
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  • The textile mill was invented in 1790
  • It took plenty of inventions before the textile mill to see a how it could be different from what was always done and have a new era of processed cloth.
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This invention has had an impact on my life because it has created a type of process to have clothing and other essentials that are needed for life. It has impacted society as well because it has built a stronger economy it brings the government and companies money.