by: Jacob L. Gonzalez

What is conflict , desirable conflict, undesirable conflict . how can desirable lead to undesirable conflict and what is the managers role in resolving the conflict?

  • conflict is a serious disagreement or argument.
  • desirable conflict is a situations that motivate people to perform better a example is sales people competing to win a sales contests.
  • undesirable conflict is the actions of any person or group interfere with the goals of the organization a example of this is if the sales manager become resentful.
  • how can desirable lead to undesirable conflict? employees who dislike others and carry grudges often cause problems for an organization.
  • Managers role in resolving the conflict they first have to decide which type of stategy will be the best to resolve each conflict then resolve the conflict

what is the avoidance strategy, the compromise strategy and what are some examples of these strategys.

What is the avoidance strategy? this strategy is where you are taking a neutral position or agreeing with another person’s position even though it differs from your personal belief in order to avoid conflict)

What is an example of the avoidance strategy? this strategy is when a conflict is relatively unimportant the avoidance strategy may be the best approach however if a disagreement involves important issues avoidance is not a good strategy it can often lead to resentment)

What is the compromise strategy? this strategy is where everyone involved in a conflict agrees to a mutually acceptable solution. often a compromise grows out of a thorough discussion of the goals and the best way to achieve those goals.

What is an example of the compromise strategy? This strategy better than avoidance because it usually leads to a workable solution as everyone involved personally contributes to the decision also people are more likely to support a compromise solution that they have helped to develop.


the win / lose strategy is a strategy in which no one compromises therefore resulting in one person wining and the other losing

a example is a base ball game where one side wins and the other loses

Conflict Resolution