Ebola Update

Background Information

Ebola is a deadly disease caused by direct contact with one of the Ebola virus strains. Ebola was first discovered in 1976 at the Ebola river in the democratic republic of the Congo. the natural reservoir host of Ebola is unknown but researchers believe that the virus is animal-borne and that bats are the most likely reservoir. The five virus strains occur in an animal host native to Africa.
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The Japan times is writing this article to inform people about this new post-Ebola syndrome that he emerged. This new post-Ebola syndrome is that people who get infected are showing signs of visual loss. This article is written to inform the public about what is going on over in Africa and reporting on new discovery on what effects ebola has had. They have a bias by selection of sources because they bring in an interview that was done with one of the psychosocial support officers telling about what they have been seeing. This article is also on a historical criticism stance. This article is historical because they are talking about an event that was currently going on.
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This CNN article is talking about DR.Donald branch and Stephen McCarthy discovery of a combination of three HIV drug that remarkably does a good job at fighting Ebola. This new drug works so well on ebola the it has reduced its replication rate by 88%. The hiv drug combination that they are using is inexpensive and widely available in Africa. The drug has only been tested on a modified version of the Ebola virus but they are hoping to gain access to test on the real thing. After the testing on the real virus they are hoping to move on to human testing witch would be a huge turn in this fight against ebola. They already know one of the drugs in the combination works with 13/15 of the people treated with it surviving and with all three reducing replication. this is a article shows bias by selection of sources and a historical criticism stance. It is bias by selection because the only source they are using is the people who made the drug and they got no option from anyone else. They are looking at it though a historical lens because this is a current event that is going on right now.

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