Careers in Science Project

Made by Lea Kopke

Branch of Science and Why:

Veterinarians are on the branch of life science, because you work with animals and see if they're sick, and also fix any illness or injuries. In order to know how to do this, you need to study the anatomy of these animals, and how to help the body heal.

What type of degree, stuff about the major, helpful high school courses, and some of the college courses:

One of the degrees you could get for this job is a Pre-Veterinary Medicine degree. Some college courses you might have to take are biology, zoology, anatomy, and chemistry. Helpful high school courses for this degree include Advanced Biology courses, Advanced Chemistry courses, Physics, and Pre-Calculus.

Name of school:

The school I chose to do research on is the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. This school popped out at me because my mom used to go there.

Why you chose this college:

I chose this college because it isn't too far from home. It is in the small town of Stevens point. This is a four year public college and has about 34 students in each class. The student to faculty ratio is 20:1, so professors are be able to teach normal class sizes.

Average GPA, ACT, SAT:

The average GPA of students is 3.42. The average ACT scores of students is 20 to 30. The average SAT scores of students is 960 to 1099.

Summary of work description, conditions, and workplaces:

Vets work between 45 and 80 hours a week. Most workplaces are in veterinary offices. Sme go out to farms to treat the bigger animals that can't be treated at their facility. Vets do check ups, fix injuries, heal the sick, etc.

Easy to find this job in Wisconsin/national:

There are 617 total employers in Wisconsin, so this job is fairly common. No information was found on the amount of employers in America. Vets are very common, because so many households own pets that need check ups.

Wisconsin salary and national salary:

The average salary in Wisconsin is $48,790 for beginners and $125,850 for experts. The average salary in the nation is $49,910 for beginners and $145,230 for experts.

Employer Name and Location:

One of the places I could work at is TLC Animal Hospital LLC, which is right next to Sweet Mimi's off of Velp Avenue. I've taken my dog there before, so I know that the workplace is nice, and the people there are friendly.

Can You See Yourself Doing This Job?

I can actually see myself doing this job, because I actually wanted to be a vet up until I was around 10 years old. It would be fun working with animals and helping them to be healthy, but I would also hate anything I'd have to do that would cause them pain. Vets are also in charge of putting animals to sleep, and that would just be miserable for me.

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