Creating Your Own Future

A 20 minute prezo for INTI IT Camp 2012

Anybody play games here?

Games on console. Phones. Etc. How about the 'lawyer game'. Or the 'accountant game'. Or the 'housewife game'. Anyone play that? The more you look at it, the more you can see your education choices / career choices resemble games. A fun, addictive game, or a boring game? How about the tech game? Since you guys are here, I'm assuming you're trying it out. Today I've been invited to share my story of how it's been going for me / and some ideas on how you can play it well.

This game gives you the power to bend reality.

I saw that using technology gave you superpowers. True story!

15 years old: TJ, Flash intros : Making websites for money

However, knowing all this, somehow people were telling me about other games as well.

I was walking around Subang square, confused, not knowing what to do with my life. Other people were saying this and that. Thought I should stick to tech. But decided to learn something else. Business. So I played the business student game.
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Found myself in San Francisco. Witnessing 'Web2.0' as it happened.

I'm not the only one who had power in the web. Now everyone did. Was most exciting time. The tech boom I missed out on was BACK.
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Torn between business and tech. Chose tech.

McKinsey vs MindValley. Made my choice. Rest is history. Mindvalley adventures. Blinklist. Internet publishing. Learned tonnes.
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Left to focus on Asian tech boom

All kinds of businesses. Eventually worked. Worked so well for our clients. How about us? We built Groupsmore. Acquired by Groupon. Rich enough to retire. Retiring game is not fun to me. Now working on global + investing in other businesses.
The Making of the SAYS Culture Code
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The future looks bright

IVLP. GOAP. Branson. Amazing experiences. Now investing in other startups too. All around the world - opportunities boundless. I'm not the only one. Reza Hussein, sold company to Google $70M, etc
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Why this game rocks.

  1. ADVANTAGE - Young people have the advantage. The younger you are, the more advantage.
  2. EASY TO PLAY - Anything you want to learn is online.
  3. WIN FAST - You don't the law of time.
  4. MONEY - You can break the earning ceiling if you're good.
  5. EXCITEMENT - The most exciting time in human history.

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  1. Don't just learn tech. Learn life. Then you use tech to change it.
  2. Execute your ideas fast. Don't know anything. Google it.
  3. Make this your #1 game you love playing. Or find some other game to play.
Steve Jobs: Secrets of Life