Death Cloud Comprehension

By.Madelyn Cano

Character Analysis

Sherlock is very curious and very paranoid in the book "Death Cloud" because figuring out why everyone was dying was very important to Sherlock. Sherlock was very paranoid because he already was unsure about Mrs.Eglantine, then Mycroft wrote Sherlock and said "She is no friend to the Holmes family, she can't be trusted".


Characters: Sherlock, Mycroft, Matty, Virgina ,Amyus, Mrs.Eglantine,Baron Maupertuis


Theme: You can do anything if you try.

Rising Action

Event 1: Sherlock arrived at his aunt and uncles house.

Event 2: Sherlock meets Matty

Event 3: Sherlock sees the wagon leave and he follows the wagon to the barn.

Event 4: Sherlock gets inside the building and spies on the mysterious people.


Sherlock waits until everyone leaves the barn, but the 2 guys outside the doors set the barn on fire and the only other exit is locked, so Sherlock has to get out of the barn before it collapses.

Falling Action

Event 1: Sherlock escapes the barn

Event 2: Sherlock keeps investigating the deaths

Event 3: Sherlock gets captured

Event 4: Matty saves Sherlock

Event 5: Matty, Sherlock, Amyus, and Virgina go and investigate the place where Sherlock was captured.


Sherlock finally comes to a conclusion of what caused the death of the people.


Sherlock is having to spend his break at his aunt and uncles, he thinks that the break is going to be a boring break but soon to find out this break is going to be the best break Sherlock has ever experienced.

Sherlock meets a new friend named Matty, Matty tells Sherlock that he saw something weird come out of a window or a building. Sherlock and Matty go and investigate the building. A couple days later Sherlock and his tutor Amyus Crow are walking in the woods and see a dead body laying on the ground. When Amyus takes the body back to the house Sherlock stays behind and looks for anything mysterious around where they found the body,Sherlock finds a yellow powder. Is the yellow powder a clue or just something that is found in the woods? Sherlock soon finds another body with the same yellow powder, Sherlock starts to think it has something to do with the deaths, but does it? Sherlock takes the yellow powder to an expert and has him look at the powder. The expert thinks it came from a bee but is unsure. Sherlock continues the investigation and comes to find out that very deadly bees are the cause of the deaths.