Happy February!

Welcome 2 New Stylists to our Team!

Welcome New Stylists!

I wanted to introduce to the team 2 New Stylists that just join us on January 31st:

Grissel Rodriguez


Karyl Sicuranza

I am so excited to have you guys on our team! WELCOME!!!

Rewards Await You!

Wanted to make sure you are all aware of our new compensation plan and New Career Levels! This information is in the lounge under "rewards await you":

Qualify for rewards at $500 RETAIL (325 PCV)

We’ve simplified our rewards communications into retail dollars--- now all the benefits that were yours at 500 PCV are yours at $500 retail! You’ll rack up rewards faster and be inspired to achieve more than ever before! This applies to:

  • business supplies
  • earning coaching commissions
  • having team members qualify for leader pay ranks

Rack up $100 in Product Credit – Monthly!

Earn $100 in free product credit each month that you sell $5000 Retail (3250 PCV)

What if you did a Trunk Show every week? With one extra once a month? You can do 5 Trunk Shows a month, adding in some personal sales, and obtain $5,000 a month!

Each month you do - that’s $100 in free product for you! Stay consistent each month and that’s $1,200 in free product each year in monthly bonuses, not to mention the $18,000 in cool. green cash that will be on your little blue card in your personal earnings alone!

Consistency Pays

Earn $100 in free product credit each calendar quarter when you sell $500 Retail (325 PCV) for 3 consecutive months and step into our seasonal line launches with ease!

It’s easy to track on your monthly report!

  • Q1: January – March (awarded in April, in time for our Summer 2013 launch!)
  • Q2: April – June (awarded in July for FALL 2013)
  • Q3: July – September (awarded in October for HOLIDAY 2013)
  • Q4: October – December (awarded in January for SPRING 2014)

That means you can earn $1,200 in free product credit a year, PLUS another $400 in those quarterly bonuses.

I'm super excited about this new comp plan and how doable it actually is!!!

$500 to qualify is easy ...even if you don't have a trunk show you can still qualify and earn those business credits and free product credit!!! Let's do it!!! ;)

Set you goals and let's make it happen!!!

Happy selling!