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Annabelle - Your karmic direction in life

We each have a pair of karmic nodes in our birth chart which show us an important area our soul wants us to develop in.

The North Node represents our soul's goal in this lifetime whereas the South Node represents what we should do less of - it's more about our past, early life or where we fall back to as a comfort zone.

Annabelle, your karmic direction is Pisces

You don't need to be perfect or to hold visions that someone/something should be perfect. High standards are good but you're mastering accepting the perfection of the current imperfection. There's a tendency to worry, to be plagued by vague (and sometimes not so vague) guilt about under-performing, to lack faith and trust in a larger more spiritual plan, and to over-analyze ourselves and others are some of the issues this position suggests.

With this position, we need to put some faith in spiritual powers or the "big picture", to let go of some of our fears that we are not doing enough, to love ourselves and others with more compassion and understanding, and to be humble, feeling safe in the knowledge that we (and others) are not perfect. We need to trust and develop our imagination, as well as our capacity for compassion.

Learning to let go of some of our obsessions with rules, details, and fears of not doing things perfectly will help us to achieve a greater sense of balance and to ease our fear of failure and guilty feelings.

Here's some tips on how to work it from Michelle Falis's The Nodes ebook -

  • Becoming less critical and fault finding of your coworkers and employees.
  • No longer thinking that no one can do it as well as you can.
  • Releasing workaholic tendencies.
  • Letting go of the view that “If you don’t do it yourself it won’t get done” and “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.”
  • No longer taking everyone to task.
  • No longer getting so wound up about your day job.
  • No longer letting your day job impact your health.
  • Releasing obsessive health concerns.
  • Getting over tendencies to find fault with every diet or exercise routine you try.
  • Moving away from too much inner cleansing.
  • Not being such a purest about your diet.
  • Working through fears of letting go and simply being.
  • Working through fears of your psychic abilities and extreme sensitivities.
  • Beginning to do the inner work necessary to understand your dreams.
  • Doing the inner work necessary to accept your fears.
  • Beginning to become much nicer to yourself on the inside.
  • Releasing perfectionist tendencies in your daily job and everyday habits.
  • Allowing yourself to retreat from the exacting demands of your job to explore your imagination and find out what inspires you.
  • Getting over the feeling that you have to hide your sensitivity.
  • Coming to terms with your fear of the unknown.
  • No longer thinking that you do your job better than everyone else does.
  • Developing inner gentleness so you won’t be so hard on yourself.
  • Beginning to feel whole inside.

Life purpose crystal trinity - based on your first name

Another useful overview of our direction in life is found in our life purpose crystals, which are based on our first name. They show us our key shadow energy, human level purpose and higher soul purpose (see for more info).

Your shadow crystal represents a key weakness that the ego uses to distract you from your life purpose and thus higher purpose. You can work to master it.

Your life purpose crystal is the goal you have chosen for your human level self - the reason you are here and what you may offer others.

Your higher purpose crystal is the goal of the higher soul. You master it more and more based on your ability to carry your human level purpose though your heart and spirituality. People will be attracted to you for your higher purpose crystal's energies.

You can take these as liquid crystal drops over 21 days to work with them more deeply. Having the physical stones around is good too, as is gazing at the symbols.