In this website you will find the steps of and how photosynthesis works. And the there steps that are gonna lead to photosynthesis.


Chloraphyl and the carotanoids Absorb water then from there it gets broke down into oxygen and hydrogen

Step 2

  • Then water is split up into oxygen and hydrogen and the movement of hydrogen E.T.C across the to produce ATP and NADPH.
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Step 3

  • Then the stroma is using electrons and carbon enters and the calvin cycle begins. Then the result in that is that it makes sugar than that is photosynthesis and it makes food.

Important concepts of each

The chloraphyll and the cantralonoids break down water that turn into hydrogen and oxygen but the oxygen get released.but the hydrogen goes on and then it makes what ATP and the NADP then go to the calvin cycle then all the hydrogen ,ATP,NADP goes threw a whole lot of reactions then it produces sugar.