Harmful Working Environments?

Langstaff Co. loses 30% of employees. Find out why . . .

Have you reached the end of your wit? Because some employees have started to quit? I'm Atena, a health and safety sales rep here to discuss the dramatic decrease in employees at Langstaff Co. and also here to provide you with a solution. The answer is simple: ergonomics. Ergonomics is the study of the physical health of workers and how their workplaces may be affecting them. Have you experienced pain in your wrists? The discomfort you feel after being behind a monitor for long periods of time? That's where I come in. I'm here to provide an array of ergonomic office products that will provide employees the safety and comfort they deserve while working. Interested? Continue reading about my ergonomic solutions!

1. Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair

Price: $244.82

This cleverly designed chair allows employees to maintain a proper posture while working. This chair comes with a headrest, which allows the employee to lean back, keeping the ears, shoulders and hips aligned, and mostly importantly, reducing neck strain. The T-arms may be adjusted for certain ergonomic positions to suit your every need, reducing the strain on your shoulders. The mesh promotes proper air flow, and its back support has proper curvature, preventing a flat spine. Height adjustment lets you to find your ideal working position, maintaining the 90 degree angle of your legs, and also keeping the forearms and thighs parallel to the floor. The chair's wheels allow the employee to move around, stimulating the body.

2. Ergonomic Backrest

Price: $28.00

This ergonomic backrest provides support for the employee's back during long periods of sitting. The material of the backrest promotes a neutral posture, providing additional comfort. This is particularly good for the spine, since the spinal cord must maintain its natural curve at all times. However, this may not be possible if a chair is not right for you. This can put strain on the lower spine, which can lead to many health problems, however, the backrest can reduce the strain, providing the appropriate curvature.

3. Footrest

Price: $17.46

This inexpensive piece of furniture has many health benefits. The footrest helps keep legs raised and promotes better posture, allowing circulation. It also helps reduce seating discomfort, which can be caused if your feet aren't properly rested on the floor. This is particularly useful for slightly shorter people, seeing as feet should never dangle from a chair, however, this is also great in terms of reducing pressure from the back of the legs.

4. XO2 CR Desk

Price: $895.00

This height adjustable desk is an office must have for every employee! The adjustable keyboard tray is perfect for maintaining the 90 degree bend at the elbows, which helps to keep shoulders relaxed. It is extremely important to keep wrists and elbows in a proper position in order to prevent serious problems, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Raising the desk to a higher level allows the employee to stand while working. Standing up promotes better posture, reduces neck and shoulder problems, and often improves the employee’s levels of alertness. It’s good to change your working position every few hours in order to stimulate the body. This desk is available in an array of colors and finishes. I highly recommend ordering this desk in the maple plywood for a slightly higher price of $1,095, simply because its matte finish and lighter color reduce the glare which creates less stress on the eyes.

5. Standard Steel Monitor Riser

Price: $29.95

One of the most helpful things to do in order to reduce strain on your neck is to work with your computer screen at an eye level, which can be achieved with the help of this monitor raiser. By not having to constantly look up/down at your screen, you can reduce headaches, and eye strain. This riser helps to keep the top of the screen at eye level, allowing you to sit back properly, instead of tilting your head forwards. Open holes on its surface also reduce (and prevent) your laptop overheating. Another thing would be to distance the monitor, helping your eyes, by keeping it at about arm's length.

6. Metal Mesh Document Holder

Price: $13.21

Be more efficient, and productive, all while reducing strain on your neck, shoulders and eyes! This document holder allows you to have a less cluttered work space by keeping all your papers in one place in front of you, where your head can rest in one place, and not move around as much, and can be balanced in a neutral position on your shoulders. The document holder should be between the keyboard and monitor, where the neck can stay relaxed.

7. Mousepad with Gel-Filled Wrist Rest

Price: $21.15

One of the most common workplace related RSI’s is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which can be prevented by keeping the wrists straight, with the help of a wrist rest. Its ergonomic design enables you to keep your hand movements natural, while the cushion adjusts to the shape of your wrist. When using a wrist rest, it is key that you keep your wrists and elbows in a straight line, and it’s recommended to keep the mouse and keyboard close to each other.

8. Ergonomic Keyboard Wrist Rocker

Price: $19.96

Like the wrist rest above, this product prevents and minimizes the risks of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, by offering a rocking motion, where your wrists can be in a neutral position while being stimulated. The wrist rocker is designed to prevent wrists from bending backwards while typing, thus, taking some pressure off the shoulders. It also provides a much softer space for your wrists to lie on while typing, and allows proper blow flow to the hands.

9. File Cabinet

Price: $74.79

Although this product may not necessarily be ergonomic, it still plays an essential part in creating a desirable working environment. My final solution to a more ergonomic work space would be this 3-drawer file cabinet to neatly store away any unnecessary supplies/documents, so you can have the more important and everyday stuff nearby on your desk. This way, you don't have to reach far to get something you need on a regular basis. Also, this can allow you to be more productive, and makes finding things less frustrating. By keeping all necessary documents in one place you can spend less time rummaging through things, thus, boosting your productivity.

Atena Bazargan - Health and Safety Sales Representative

Hi, I'm Atena, a health and safety sales rep. for Ergonomix For You. I help businesses discover new ergonomic products for their companies, providing employees the safety and comfort they deserve at their workplace. At Ergonomix For You we work with businesses in a professional manner, while our researchers work hard to minimize the health risks present in the working environment.